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In The News for Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Posted Dec 07 2022 7:03AM

·        Remember the “Creepy Porn Lawyer” Michael Avenatti? He just got another 14-year prison sentence added to the one he is already serving. From darling of the media and potential Democratic presidential candidate to prison is quite a fall. Here is a reminder of just how pathetic our mainstream media is. “The savior of the Republic?” Yea. This should be shown over and over. Perhaps the best quote is from Michael himself, ‘All of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs.” Well, he got his wish.

·        Battery Storage Is A Fantasy.

The whole green energy project is a gigantic fraud. A handful of shysters are getting rich, along with some activists and politicians, while the rest of us will be left holding the bag. In the dark.