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In The News for Monday, February 6, 2023
Posted Feb 06 2023 9:39AM

·        You’ll want to take a shower after reading this. Hunter Biden: More Depraved Than You Knew.

Hunter had one thing, and one thing only, to sell: influence with Joe. And “the Big Guy” obviously not just knew about Hunter’s hoovering up illicit cash, he profited from it. Which was, I take it, the whole point.

·        Op/Ed by David Horowitz on Powerline. Fascism And Betrayal. Well worth reading.

Distrust of government, love of freedom are ingrained in the American people. We can win this battle, but only if we fight it.

·        The Great Sort Continues. Of the approximately one million who have moved to Florida, only 17,000 have registered as Democrats.

If the blue states want to drive off a cliff, we may not be able to stop them. But the rest of us are not going along for the ride.

·        Hard to believe that the most prominent voice on behalf of common sense about our runaway wokery is Bill Maher. A great seven-minute clip. I’m old enough to remember the Chinese Cultural Revolution that ripped the country apart as cost around one million lives.

·        Georia Meloni is crushing it. She is currently the most popular leader in the EU.  

·        F-22 Fighter shoots down Chinese “weather” balloon using am A9X Sidewinder missile. These missiles cost about $400,000 apiece three of four years ago. Wonder why they didn’t just use the jet’s wing cannons?

·        Have we mentioned lately how crooked politicians are? Rep. Clyburn is hardly an isolated example.   

·        San Francisco Sheriff Paul Miyamoto told reporters he had had about four applications for concealed carry permit over the last decade. Currently he is processing dozens and expects that number to rise to hundreds by the end of the year. Is the woke pendulum beginning to swing in the other direction? I’ve been expecting it.