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In The News for Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Posted Nov 12 2019 7:36AM

·         Great book title and a motto to live by. Eat What You Want And Die Like A Man: The World’s Unhealthiest Cookbook. The forward alone is worth the price of the book.

We’ve now reached the point where people make bad food deliberately because they don’t want the Hitler Food Youth or whoever to catch them using real ingredients. Some idiots actually use low-fat milk in desserts. Hello? Desserts are supposed to be bad for you!

·        America’s first show trial begins Wednesday. First to testify should be Adam Schiff and Eric Ciarmella. Republicans plan to put Biden and Democrats on trial, and Schiff is not happy. Read the whole thing.  

·        Looks like someone decided to have some fun in the Christmas stocking section at Target.

·        Evo Morales has been ousted after voting irregularities and ignoring Bolivia’s limit on how many terms he could serve. Hopefully, the military will quickly turn the reins of government back to the citizens.

·        Adam Schiff, who has steadfastly refused to name the “whistleblower”/leaker, published his name in a transcript released of testimony by William Taylor. Inadvertently, I assume. Nevertheless, it’s out there now.

·        So, just how stupid does she think we are? Wait, Don’t Answer That. Lost the station wagon? But somehow managed to hang onto the Lincoln Continental, “the preferred ride of working class families.”

·        Stuff just keeps coming out like cockroaches from behind a garbage bin. Nellie Ohr met Christopher Steele at Mayflower Hotel the day before FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation began. I expect there is a lot more to come. Awaiting the FBI Inspector General’s report with bated breath.