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In The News for Thursday, April 28, 2022
Posted Apr 28 2022 7:41AM

·        Wow! Talk about shift in the electorate. Even the dead are polling red. This is a seismic shift that will decimate the Democrats as they lose one of their most dependable voting blocs.  

·        More Evidence That Masks Don’t Work. Credit the author for his honesty. It’s not the outcome he expected.

·        The Futility Of Suppression.

To me, the high level of prevalence, especially among younger age groups, highlights the absolute futility of trying to suppress a contagious respiratory virus. Prominent scientists warned us of this. When you think about what the efforts to suppress the virus cost us in so many ways, only to end up with most of the population infected anyway, it should really cause everyone to demand a complete overhaul of public health authorities.

·        Feel Good Headlines Of The Day.

·        Heh. Canada to build border wall, demand Twitter pay for it. LOL.

·        Joe Biden has $5.2 million in ‘unexplained’ income. I wonder where it came from? If we had an honest press, it is far more likely that Joe would now be facing prosecution than occupying the oval office.

·        You can always count on Sen. Kennedy to put things in a way it is easy to understand.

·        Never been a fan of Janet Yellen. See If You Can Follow Yellen’s Bouncing Inflation Ball.

So how in the world can her pronouncements about inflation under President Joe Biden be as reliable as the weather forecast? Is her understanding of economics tainted by liberal ideology? Is she just doing the bidding of an incompetent and desperate Biden administration?

Does it matter? Yellen is a shining example of why so many in this country feel betrayed by the people who claim lordship over them.

·        Say what? LOL. When Real Life Imitates “Veep”

·        There is enough recoverable crude oil within the continental U.S. to supply current and projected future demand for 400+ years, and that’s just the oil we know about. It doesn’t count future discoveries. That’s A Fact, Jack.

·        This would seem to be common sense. Study Finds Burglaries Dropped in Area Known to Have More Gun Permits. From the National Bureau o Economic Research. The area covered was Memphis, TN.

·        Has Durham backed Hillary into a corner? Possibly.