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In The News for Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Posted Nov 16 2021 6:56AM

·       All you need to know about lying politicians and news talking heads. They are standing there in front of you lying and doing it with a straight face.

·        Andrew Sullivan: When All The Media Narratives Collapse. You should read the whole article.

But when the sources of news keep getting things wrong, and all the errors lie in the exact same direction, and they are reluctant to acknowledge error, we have a problem. If you look back at the last few years, the record of errors, small and large, about major stories, is hard to deny. It’s as if the more Donald Trump accused the MSM of being “fake news” the more assiduously they tried to prove him right.

·       Just about the time I was getting interested in football, this guy came along. I remember him well. I remember an article from back in the sixties called “The Meanest Men in Pro Football.” Sam was featured promionently along with Night Train Lane as I recall. R.I.P. Sam Huff.

·       The FBI seems to be up to its old tricks! The O’Keefe Project. There seems to be some question as to why the FBI was involved in the first place as It doesn’t appear a federal crime was committed. The FBI apparently leaked info to the New York Times from O’Keefe’s cell phone.   

·       Crime In Progress. “The mainstream media are beginning to crawl backwards like sand crabs from the Steele Dossier.” As the author says, “Though the competition is stiff and there is room for argument, Adam Schiff may be the most despicable man in Congress.”

·       What could be going on inside the White House that they feel the need to put out a Tweet like this at 9PM on a Sunday evening? Could there be trouble in paradise as Biden and Harris sour on each other.

·       Reporting from Restoration Weekend. This looks like a function it would have been fun to attend. With Katy Hopkins as emcee, it would be hard to go wrong.

·       Judge dismisses gun charges against Kyle Rittenhouse. The Prosecutor also proves he’s clueless as he falsely claims you can’t claim self-defense if you bring a gun. He has been the poster child for incompetent prosecutors from day one. This was his crowning moment of idiocy. An independent press would have shredded this guy.

·       Apparently there is no length the media will not go to to carry water for the Democrats. Now, we are told that People Can Afford Inflation Just Fine. Idiots!

·       I’m sure this is why you foot your daughter’s college tuition. Durham University to offer “training” to student prostitutes. No, this isn’t from the Babylon Bee.