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In The News for Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Posted May 25 2021 7:40AM

·       The Mask Regime is crumbling, but hanging on. Despite the fact that the data indicates mask mandates are utterly useless, they are a symbol of submission to authority and a way to virtue signal for the woke.

We are currently experiencing a preference cascade. Most people want to get back to their normal lives–not some insipid “new normal,” but life as we knew and liked it. We are seeing the effects all around us. But some liberals are holding out, wearing their masks and trying to force the rest of us to do the same. These liberals are like the Japanese soldiers who tried to keep fighting WWII long after it was over. Normality is winning out, and we should extinguish pockets of liberal mask wish fulfillment wherever we find them.

·       From the CRB, the Clarmont Review of Books, Progressively Worst. Activist government’s crisis of confidence. Long and very good. The more you know about California’s recent governance, however, the less enthused you’ll be about replicating its policy triumphs on a national scale. 

·       Interesting. New Dinosaur found in Montana reveals Tyranosaur’s true face (They didn’t have lips).

·       Support for Black Lives Matter movement collapses among Whites and Hispanics, drops for Blacks. As Sarah Hoyt says, if the press were doing its job, support would be non-existent.

·       As more and more comes out it appears that more and more  

·       A shortage of sand? As Glenn Reynolds asks, “Did someone put the government in chare of it?”

·       The obviously put the right person in charge. “Border Czar” Kamala goes 61 days without a new conference as border crisis rages on.

·       Ya think? Minneapolis mayor admits that defunding police caused crime spike.

·       Gov. DeSantis continues to show the way. Signs new bill to keep big tech in check.

·       Texas joins Oklahoma in cracking down on hoodlums blocking traffic. I’d like to see it go a little further and legalize bowling for Antifa.

·       Poor thing. AOC says she is in therapy following Jan. 6 demonstrations. Nitwittery knows no bounds where she is concerned. She describes Jan. 6 as an “all out, attempted coup.” Really? She describes her experience as “effectively serving in war.” She needs to be totally humiliated and mocked at every turn.