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In The News for Friday, October 30, 2020
Posted Oct 30 2020 7:22AM

·       As the media flogs the narrative of increasing COVID-19 cases, which are a result of vastly increased testing, you might want to dig a little deeper into the data. Death rates have dropped for seriously ill patients.

·       I mentioned the head-to-head rallies in Tampa, FL with both President Trump and Joe Biden appearing at the same time. Wonder who generated the most enthusiasm? You be the judge. Biden had a “drive in” rally while Trump drew his usual SRO crowd.

·       One of my favorite comments on the GDP report which came in at 33% versus a consensus of 30.9%. “+33% GDP with California and New York tied behind our backs.” For some odd reason, the major television networks didn’t seem to think a record GDP number was newsworthy.

·       I’ve commented on this amazing shift in the black electorate. If this poll is anywhere near right, it is lights out for the Democrats.

·       The provenance of the Hunter Biden laptop has been verified[JW1]  by the DOJ, FBI and Senate. Compare that to the provenance of the Steele Dossier. One is being totally ignored by a dishonest press and the other was breathlessly touted on a daily basis for three years until totally debunked. In a sane world, the information on the laptop from hell and the revelations of Tony Bobulinski would have caused Joe Biden to withdraw from the race. He may wish he had by the time everything comes out.

·       Another classic. Weekend at Bidens.

·       Drip, drip, drip…The word “bombshell” gets overused, but this ought to qualify. DOJ confirms FBI has been investigating Hunter Biden since 2019 in ongoing money laundering probe. Still crickets from Joe’s basement. No denials[JW2] .

·       I guess when your new leading tourist attraction is nightly riots, you need to pull out all the stops. Oregon Public Health Announcement.

·       Lieawatha seems to have kicked off a stream of unmaskings. Another professor, this time from Furman, has been outed for claiming fake ethnicity.

·       CNN viewers will not be seeing this ad. They refused to run it because it is critical of their candidate, Joe Biden.

·       The press and major networks are employing the Sergeant Schultz defense. “I KNOW NOTHING!”

·       Glenn Greenwald is a dyed in the wool liberal reporter, but one who has been trying to do the job journalists should do by asking questions and looking into the facts. He is being castigated by his peers and has resigned from The Intercept, which he founded, due to censorship. Here is the article The Intercept refused to publish.

·       Golfers for Trump joins Rappers for Trump. Jack Nicklaus endorses the President.