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In The News for Thursday, December 31, 2020
Posted Dec 30 2020 8:41PM

·       Tucker Carlson’s speech to Turning Point USA. Very good and worth sitting down and listening to. If you don’t think that we are in the fight of our lives, you aren’t paying attention to current events. The last half of his speech is particularly good.

·       Comment from Stephen Kruiser: None of the leftist nightmare that this great nation is about to be plunged into would be possible if the mainstream media hadn’t abandoned all of its First Amendment responsibility and become the full-time advocacy wing of the Democratic National Committee. Fact Check: True.

·       A lot of the Climatistas had focused on 2020 as a key milestone in the demise of the planet. What happened? Wrong again. From, Ten predictions made for 2020 that were a bit off the mark.  

·       Without California, COVID numbers would be dropping. New York, led by Emmy winning Gov. Cuomo, has by far the highest death rate.

·       Add Diana Hardesty to the 9 million people who have become new gun owners in 2020. After being held up in a Walmart parking lot, she bought a gun. “I got me a gun and the next thug that approaches me, I’m going to use him as target practice,” she said. “And I’m going to practice until I can shoot a bullet through a keyhole.”

·       What a shame. Pro sports continue to suffer massive declines in viewership.

·       A great comment by Ricky Gervais. Clip starts at 7:00 minute mark. Priceless.

·       Issues and Insights: Joe Biden’s ‘Dark Winter’ is a warning about his economy, not the virus. Georgia becomes more and more important.  

·       When it comes to the books on my shelves, I’ve read them. A few companies have sprung up to fill the bookshelves of the talking heads appearing on Zoom videos. They are buying books by the yard.

·       As Sarah Hoyt says, “Behold my middle fingers. I have a matched set.”

·       I’ve mentioned the migration from Twitter to Parler that has been taking place. It continues as Mark Levin leaves Facebook and Twitter. He has 4.2 million followers on Parler compared to 2.8 on Twitter and 1.6 on Facebook.

·       When The King Comes Home. Remember you’re Americans. We The People are the sovereign of this land. We’ve been asleep, but now we’re wide awake. This only ends one way.

·       Looks like someone dropped the ball big time. Nashville police were warned over a year ago that Anthony Warner was building a bomb in his RV.

·       I’m not sure why people are standing for this, but I am sure there will come a point where they won’t and the pendulum will swing back hard. I expect to see a lot of local politicians ushered out of office when next they run.

·       Yesterday was fittingly National Bacon Day as the Congress passed their pork-laden COVID Relief Bill. Here are a few of the items included.