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In The News for Friday, September 24, 2021
Posted Sep 24 2021 7:42AM

·       Well, I’m sure Joe will pay his “fair share.” Biden may owe up to $500,000 in back taxes. Come on, man, it’s a patriotic act.  

·       Reports are that the Durham criminal probe has broadened into a conspiracy case and Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan figures prominently. Durham’s latest indictment may make Russiagate the most corrupt political scandal in U.S. history. I don’t think there is any doubt about that one.

·       Some good news? Progressive Caucus threatens to bail on infrastructure deal. Keep your fingers crossed.

·       The only decent, and true, news coming out of Del Rio is from Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who rips the White House for lies and misinformation about what’s happening at the border.

·       Republicans are letting Democrats take full responsibility for increasing the debt.

McConnell and most other Republicans believe that if the Democrats want to ram a $3.5 trillion spending package down Republicans’ throats using the hyperpartisan reconciliation legislative tool to pass it, they have to take responsibility for all of it — including the increase in debt.

·       As Kurt Schlichter says, “Let Them Destroy Each Other.”

There’s something so satisfying about seeing liberals in a sissy slap fight with other liberals – you just want to grab up a bowl of popcorn, pop some frosty brews, and egg them on. 

·       I commented on the new Iowa poll yesterday. CNN suggests “This poll should terrify Democrats ahead of 2022. Of the issues covered in the poll, Biden is underwater on every single one. Townhall’s Rebecca Downs comments.  

·       As I’ve said before, I love a happy ending. There are far more defensive gun uses than murders. Here’s why you rarely hear of them.

As of Aug. 10, America’s five largest newspapers — the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal — have published a combined total of 10 news stories this year reporting a civilian  using a gun to successfully stop a crime, according to a search of the Nexis database of news stories. By contrast, those same newspapers had a total of 1,743 news stories containing the keywords “murder” or “murdered” or “murders” and “gunfire,” “shot,” or “shots.” Including articles with the word “wounded,” the total rises to 2,764.

·       I think this is a superlative idea. The Biden administration is looking into housing illegal Haitian immigrants at Guantanamo Bay. It would sure make repatriation[JW1]  easier as it is closer to Haiti. Imagine the press’ reaction if Donald Trump had suggested something like that. The administration is looking for bids for a private company to run a migrant holding facility. Most of these people have been living in Chile and Brazil for the past few years and decided to avail themselves of Joe Biden’s invitation to come to the U.S. It will serve them right if they wind up back in Haiti. They should have stayed where they were. The fact that we may feel sorry for the plight of these people doesn’t mean we owe them entry into our country, welfare income, free medical care and education.  

·       “Enough talking, it’s time to act.” When Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador calls you out, it’s way past time to do something.

·       Where did all these Haitians come from and why are they at the border now? Primarily Chile and Brazil. And they are here because they believe Joe  Biden invited them. Congressman whose district encompasses 800 miles of Southern Border irate after call with Mayorkas. Want to know how serious Biden is about getting things under control. He has just appointed a left-wing attorney who is a sanctuary advocate to be the top prosecutor for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Not making this up.

·       A new breakthrough in the fight against COVID, Fifi the llama.

·       Chinese growth might be unraveling. And President Xi seems to be channeling Mao. The implications are significant.

·       As someone said, horses may no longer be allowed at the border in Del Rio, Texas, but horse’s asses are still evidently welcome. Al Sharpton visits Del Rio and not everyone is glad to see him. “No one wants to hear your racist nonsense in Del Rio!”

·       Polls continue to widen. Latest Rasmussen poll had Trump at 51% and Biden at 41%. Independents favor Trump by a 20% margin.