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In The News for Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Posted Sep 08 2020 8:04AM

·       Videos of the Week.

·       It’s about time this scam was brought to an end. The President has issued an order that we won’t be spending any more money lining the pockets of those perpetuating it. There will be no more training in critical race theory or white privilege done by any federal agency or department. It is a huge shot across the bow of Political Correctness and Wokeness. Here is a clip of a seminar that Seattle put on for employees. Unbelievable! And disgusting. And probably against the law to require. Anyone who would sit through this is not someone I would want as an employee. They are sheep.

·       When Van Jones is the voice of sanity it tells you just how over the cliff the party has gone.

·       Sabo strikes again with poster of Grand Duchess Pelosi Von Blow Wash.

·       Trump back to pre-virus approval high of 52%. Just more evidence the election polls are not to be trusted. The anecdotal evidence seems to me to be more overwhelming in the President’s favor that it was in 2016.

·       OK, Joe. Since you raised the subject

·       Satire, but is it really? Study Finds Moving Up Election Day Would Instantly End Pandemic.

·       Well, it worked in 2016. Democrats Unveil Surefire Plan To Get Trump Reelected In 2020.

·       The parable of Nancy Pelosi.

·       A 20-year old over-privileged daughter of two wealthy Upper East Side professionals is facing a potential 4-year prison sentence for first degree rioting. Actions should have consequences and maybe she will learn what her parents obviously forgot to teach her. Here’s another young lady whose future looks to be in doubt.

·       From American Greatness: When Wish Replaces Thought. Here is the indigestible truth for the Democrats. Donald Trump has had the most successful first term of any president in memory, maybe ever. That would explain a lot of the hysteria from the left. Reality is hard to take when it goes totally against your cognitive bias. It’s been a very rough four years for Paul Krugman, who deserves the Nobel Prize for comedy more that for economics.

·       My bet is that this guy’s nickname will forever more be “Hot Legs.” Portland rioter does the famous Antifa Fire Dance after slight mishap (word of advice: never kick a Molotov Cocktail)  with Molotov Cocktail. It went viral on Twitter with different musical backgrounds. It’s hard to choose between Hot, Hot, Hot and Burning Ring of Fire. Yakkity Sax isn’t bad, either.

·       This is not satire. LGBT outlet really tweeted “Republicans want to make child drag shows illegal” as though that were a bad thing. What normal parent could possibly object to this pedophilia and propaganda?

·       Since no one bought the “I was set up story,” Nancy has had to shift the narrative.

 Nancy Set Up.png

·       Candace Owens versus Cardi B? Is there anyone, anywhere who doesn’t know the outcome? As one commented: One is highly intelligent and educated. One is borderline special needs. Candace wiped the floor with her. No surprise.

·       There may be hope for California. Ricky Rebel performs. 5 million views in first day.

·       More not satire. Asst Principal from Rochester, NY thinks it’s a good idea to post video of him yelling f*** the police. Yessiree, that’s who parents want overseeing the education of their children.

·       Secret Transcript the Biden campaign doesn’t want you to see[JW1] . Note: The preceding was a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any presidential candidates, living or braindead, is purely intentional.