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In The News for Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Posted Jul 10 2019 7:46AM

·        Yankee Doodle Donald. A good opinion piece in the WSJ. “When Mr. Trump gives the ordinary guy what he likes, his critics come unglued….so often his political foes end up attacking things ordinary people like simply because Mr. Trump likes them, too.”

·        What am I missing, here? We’re getting ready for the 2020 Census and we’re not supposed to ask whether or not someone is an American citizen? It defies common sense! Now we have the Speaker of the House of Representatives going off on an unhinged rant that by asking the question, the current administration is “trying to make American white again.” What pathetic rubbish and she knows it. Here’s the rub. The census data is used to determine Congressional representation and to allocate government funds. Those decisions should be based on citizenship, not a population swelled by illegals. I personally don’t want to see states whose population is bloated with illegals picking up seats in the House because of it. Do you? If you’re a Democrat, apparently the answer is “yes”. Someone needs to show Nancy this article. It doesn’t fit the narrative, does it?

·        This is an extremely long piece, but one of the best dissections of the Mueller Report that I’ve seen and might be worth a read before Mueller and Weissmann testify in Congress. It has Andrew Weissmann’s hand all over it if you’ve read anything about his past prosecutorial malfeasance.

·        Well, he’s in. Tom Steyer announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president yesterday vowing to destroy “Opposition” to liberal causes. Good luck, Tom. That field was so shy of left-wing ideas I’m sure you’ll be a breath of fresh air. If you’d like a good look at just how duplicitous Mr. Steyer can be, look no further.

·        But, but, but…That’s not what my climate change derangement syndrome friends are saying. You mean the science may not be settled? The Earth is getting greener.

·        It’s that time of year, again, when people with more of a sense of adventure than intelligence decide to emulate Ernest Hemingway and head to Pamplona, Spain for the annual Running of the Bulls. Otherwise known as the annual Goring of the Slow. Two Americans were seriously injured, so far. A young, 23, Kentucky man was gored in the thigh, and a San Francisco man who was old enough to know better, 46, was gored in the neck. Both are listed in “serious” condition.

·        Usually, all you have to do is wait when something seems just a bit too one-sided. Things have started leaking out about Christine Blasey-Ford that paint her in a different light that the one she portrayed during the Kavanaugh hearings. She apparently gave her social media profile a good scrubbing before coming forward and former friends are painting a different picture than the one she portrayed during her testimony.

·        I can’t help it. I’m such a sap. It’s always so thrilling to see someone’s wish come true. Bless her heart.