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In The News for Thursday, April 15, 2021
Posted Apr 15 2021 7:58AM

·       Things just got a little tighter in the House for Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats’ margin is now 6 after Julia Lethow (R-LA) was seated.

·       A profile of Coinbase’s anti-woke CEO, Brian Armstrong.

·       Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought a stake in Microsoft just in front of a big military contract. Our incurious media: Nothing to see here. Move on.

·       Biden continues to emasculate the military. Christine Wormuth set to become first female Army Secretary. Meanwhile, the Navy dismissed the first female captain of the USS Hopper, a guided missile Destroyer[JW1] , over command and morale issues, calling it “a loss of confidence in her leadership.”

·       How crazy is it? How about these headlines: BBC Diversity Chief says Idris Elba’s TV character isn’t black enough and doesn’t have any black friends and  doesn’t eat Caribbean food. So there.

·       Whites to the front! LOL. These people are truly idiots.

·       Brett Favre weighs in on Woke Sports Leagues and Kneeling. “It’s a shame.” TV ratings would seem to indicate he is on target.

·       LOL. John Cleese inspired to get woke.

·       Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes. Reporters insist there was no riot in Minneapolis. I’m sure the police station just spontaneously combusted.

·       Remember this, anyone? Any comments, Nancy? Insurrection?

·       Jennifer Rubin is an idiot. Prove me wrong.

·       Great Moments in Graft – Texas Non-Profit gets a $530 million deal to help with influx of illegal migrant children after hiring a Biden transition official.

·       It’s about time the right used the tactics used by the left. New conservative group wields unorthodox tactics to block Biden agenda, nominees. Sen. Ron Johnson has launched an investigation.

·       Tom Cotton doesn’t like being interrupted by Dick Durbin.