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In The News for Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Posted Aug 31 2022 7:43AM


·        Get ready. Tomorrow we’ll be treated to a primetime speech from Slow Joe on democracy and what it means to be an American. Can’t wait.

·        Two smoking guns in one week. Is the dam getting ready to burst? First Mark Zuckerberg throws the FBI under the bus confirming election interference in the 2020 election and now the FBI has apparently fired or allowed Timothy Thibault, a political operative masquerading as an FBI agent, to resign. It’s not exactly clear what happened.  Hopefully, Mr. Thibault will get to spend some time contemplating the error of his ways while incarcerated. Ideally, Brian Auten will be right behind him. Over 20 whistleblowers in the FBI have come forward, something no one has ever seen before. It indicates just how deep the rot at the FBI is.  

·        As if the above is not enough, this from Beau Biden’s widow and Hunter’s ex-wife:

Hallie Biden Tweet.png

·        Bless her incompetent little heart. She is so far over her head. This exchange with Peter Doocy.

·        Sky News Australia rips Greta a new one. Great quote: “You are selfish, virtue signaling, uneducated little turds.” As Kyle Bass said, our politicians are taking their energy policy guidance from NGO’s and teenagers.

·        Big Tech Is Crushing Conservative Comedy. The wokerati aren’t famous for their sense of humor.

·        Hopefully, the new Congress can defund this before it really gets off the ground. Obama-era Tea Party targeter appointed to create IRS office overseeing 87,000 new agents.