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In The News for Thursday, October 20, 2022
Posted Oct 20 2022 7:05AM

·         ·        I voted yesterday on the first day for early voting. Traffic was steady, but not heavy at my polling place.        

 S   Sen. Grasley, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has requested documents from the FBI that a whistleblower alerted him to. They apparently concern a $5 million interest free loan from China that may have been forgiven. The more that is revealed, the more it appears that we may have the makings of a real impeachment in the works, not just the political show the Dems tried to put on with Trump. Things might get very interesting in January.

·        What now for the Durham investigation? So far two Washington, D.C. juries have failed to convict. I’d be in favor of moving the trials to a city in a red state with a population under 100,000. I believe the results might be different.

·        We’ll see if they have the cohones. First task for a GOP Congress: Subpoena the Jan. 6 Committee.

Every member of the committee, every staff member, every document and text and email — every last bit of anything should be subpoenaed, investigated, and — where appropriate — referred to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.

·        It’s starting to turn toxic out there for DemocratsThe more they throw at him [Trump], the more the voters want him.  That's toxic for Democrats, who have gone increasingly rabid as Trump's popularity soars.

·        Climatista warning backfires. It turns out a lot of folks would be just fine if Washington, D.C. was under water.

·        What was that about voter suppression, Stacy? Georgians set a turnout record.

·        Something very strange is going on. ABC News investigative reporter disappears after FBI raid. He was working on a book about Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

·        With the election less than three weeks off, Joe is thinking about “significant” drawdowns of an already severely drawn down Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the upcoming election. No president would purposely weaken our national security for blatantly political purposes. Oh yeah.That’s the same guy who has been welcoming illegal aliens into our country and flying them to various locations in the interior in the middle of the night. Never mind.

·        There is just no cure for economic illiteracy. Case in point: Democratic congresswoman Katie Porter. I know you’ll be surprised to find out she is from California. Sadly, among her Democratic fellow-travelers she is not an anomaly.

·        What really is the biggest threat to Democracy? Politicians accuse anyone they don’t agree with. What do voters think. Well, they think the mainstream media is the biggest threat according to a New York Times/Siena poll. 71% of those polled said they thought Democracy was under threat. Of that 71%, 84% said the mainstream media is contributing to the system’s peril.  

·        Looks like Tulip prices have fallen out of bed. Jack Dorsey’s First-Ever Tweet NFT That Sold For $2.9 million Ends Up With A Top Bid Of Just $96. And you think stocks have had a bad year.  

·        My guess on this question is a resounding YES! Will Israel attack before Iran gets nuclear weapons?

·        I saw his interview on Dan Bongino’s show. Very persuasive. FBI Whistleblower Steve Friend, A Messenger Worthy Of The Message.

·        This has to go under the heading WTF? State Department funding ‘drag theater performances’ in Ecuador in the name of ‘diversity and inclusion.’

·        Not sure this nitwit has really thought this through. “Farming needs to stop.”