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In The News for Monday, December 6, 2021
Posted Dec 06 2021 6:35AM

·       Eric Zemmour is a rising political star in France, and it’s easy to see why. What he says resonates in a country facing huge problems due to immigration and a swing to the left. He gave a stirring speech last week, and Rod Dreher of American Conservative has reworked it to put it in terms that we’d like to see an American candidate deliver. I highly recommend you read it. A speech for the American Zemmour.

·       There is hope. People are wising up. Fewer than half of Americans say COVID ‘Most Urgent’ Healthcare problem. Related: It seems Omcron actually has been around for a while.

·       LOL…Democrats Think Mayor Pete Is Their Great White Hope.

Pete Buttigieg is the prime example of how institutionally vapid the Democrats have become. He’s well educated but incapable of original thought. There are third-graders in America who could come up with better solutions to the supply-chain problem than he has. And consider this: Kamala Harris has the lowest approval rating for a V.P. in history. And that’s even after Dick Cheney shot somebody in the face with a shotgun.

·       You’d think Biden would realize by now that he’ll get caught when he tries to tell some of his whoppers. It must be pathological. He was in law school when this supposedly happened, where he was caught for plagiarizing.  

·       Jussie Smolett’s request for a mistrial will have you literally Grlaughing out loud. Naturally, the Babylon Bee has weighed in.  Also this.  

·       The once venerable Yale Law School is a mess.

·       WaPo wanted to interview Eric Clapton. His response was terse. From his manager: “given the depressingly bad standard of journalism reflected in recent articles, Eric Clapton has no desire at the moment to engage with the US Press.”

·       They killed Fredo. CNN Terminates Cuomo. It sure didn’t take long for his co-workers to throw him under the bus.

·       Great T-Shirt. Advice to Blue Staters migrating to beautiful, income tax-free Tennessee.  

·       What Are They Teaching Our Children? It’s sure not what most of us learned in History class. Parents need to rebel.

The Left’s poisonous hostility toward the United States is the dominant feature of these proposed standards, and is the essence–the whole point–of Critical Race Theory. And don’t assume that initiatives like these are occurring only in liberal states. The national teachers’ unions are fully on board with Critical Race Theory–the NEA, the country’s largest union, explicitly endorsed CRT by resolution last summer–and even in red states, anti-American propaganda is creeping into public education.