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In The News for Monday, February 8, 2021
Posted Feb 08 2021 6:44AM

·       Democrats seem to think that the worm will never turn. They may be shocked when it happens. Marjorie Taylor Greene might have benefitted from the Democrat’s efforts to cancel her. Tom Cotton puts it in perspective.

·       From Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit: Hilarious!

STUPID CHINESE. DON’T THEY KNOW THAT IN THE WEST WE’RE DOING THAT WITH GIRLS NOW? China promotes education drive to make boys more ‘manly.’ “The overwhelming majority of Chinese reaction to the notice has been negative. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese have taken to social media to voice their anger, with many branding the government’s message sexist.”

Haha, I love to see them infected with Western decadence. They thought they were immune.

·       Are we really this stupid? I don’t think so. The rehabilitation of Hunter Biden.

·       The Great Communicator nailed it, didn’t he? Quote from Ronald Reagan: “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”

·       You just have to admire this kind of work ethic.

·       I just love good news! Bank of America is bleeding accounts.

·       Jeff Bezos is reportedly in talks with the Broccolis, producers of the James Bond films.

·       Who’s Crazy? “There is a spirit of insanity abroad in the land, but if the Democrats want to see its principal manifestations, they need to look in the mirror.”

·       Introducing the Omar Act. Cutting down on opportunities for graft might have trouble passing in Nancy Pelosi’s House.