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In The News for Friday, January 15, 2021
Posted Jan 15 2021 7:02AM

·       Ammo Grrrll’s column today is her usual readable, biting look at current events. We have a long, long learning curve.

·       I mentioned yesterday the proliferation of social media alternatives that are gaining traction. Two messaging services, Signal and Telegram, use encrypting technology and have been gaining users at a rapid pace. President Trump has a Telegram group and he continues to post on it, although at this point there are only about 500,000 followers compared to the 100 million he had on Twitter and Facebook collectively. In good news, the market value of Twitter has dropped $3.5 billion and Facebook’s has dropped $47.6 billion. GAB has backed up Trump’s Twitter account and recreated it on their platform.

·       Democrats are using the recent Capitol riot to consolidate power. The riot was an accelerant for what was already likely planned under Democrat rule in Washington: crushing dissenters from its leftist orthodoxy as part of an effort to achieve total power by disenfranchising the opposition.

·       One of the reasons Congress is so upset is because they’re the only criminals allowed in the Capitol building. After removing the unauthorized criminals, Congress resumed voting on acts to inflate our currency, steal more money from Americans and continue aggression against foreign countries for no reason.

·       The Supreme Court has took up two vitally important cases last Friday dealing with freedom of speech and association. It will likely reverse Kamala Harris’ attack on free speech.

·       As you might expect, Wyoming Republicans are outraged by Liz Cheney’s vote for impeachment. You can stick a fork in her, she is done. And this: Out of work waitress excited to see Congress spend time impeaching Trump again.

·       McConnel’s statement. Nothing is going to happen before the inauguration. There is no precedent for conducting an impeachment trial after a President has left office. Former Fourth-Circuit Court Judge Michael Luttig argues in a Washington Post article that a Senate trial after the President has left office would be unconstitutional.  

·       More keeps coming out, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone with a brain. Here is another good example of what we knew must have happened. Here’s another example. They are coming out of the woodwork.  

·       Saw this on Twitter. Clueless commenters fell right into the trap. Left Journos Falsely Claimed Louie Gohmert called for ‘Uprisings.’ He was quoting Pelosi.

·       But…But…Election fraud isn’t supposed to exist. Woman from San Antonio, TX arrested and charged for massive ballot harvesting scheme after being caught on tape by Project Veritas. Must Watch.

·       How embarrassing! China slams U.S. for Big Tech Censorship.

·       Someone needs a good caning. Third graders forced to rank themselves according to their “power and privilege.”

·       Insanity Wrap #125. Always mind boggling.

·       I caught this when it happened, and as John Hinderaker points out, it exposes the low intelligence of American journalists. Liberal Journalist Calls For Pelosi To Be Expelled From House.


·       Amid all the hysteria and fake reporting that has gone on because the swamp is unhappy with having their gravy train de-railed, this article from 2016 is worth reading. It is by Liz Liz Crokin, a journalist who had been around Trump and who was getting fed up by the politicians turning on Trump now that he was threatening their scams, is worth revisiting in light of recent events and a media narrative that they have been pushing for the last four years since an outsider came in and threatened to end their gravy train.