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In The News for Thursday, September 1, 2022
Posted Sep 01 2022 7:51AM

·        There was a time I could have had a good time with this hat. Might still.

·        It appears the rank and file may have had it with the executive floor of the FBI. I certainly hope so.

·        ESG needs to be crushed. Some states are taking action. Every single red state should quit doing business with Black Rock and any other corporation that embraces ESG.

·        Justice may finally be served and wokery may get its just desserts. Looks like the end of the line for Oberlin College as the Ohio Supreme Court has refused to hear Oberlin’s appeal of their loss to Gibson’s bakery. They’ll need to cough up around $36 million.  

·        He is not only a great actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is an eco-warrior. It’s a hard job, but someone needs to step up and Leo is doing his part by not dating women over 25. He obviously follows the old, well-known but rarely mentioned dating rule of 1/15 your age plus 18. My respect for him is boundless.  

·        Alex, I’ll take truly stupid statements by a government employee for $1000. Karine Jean-Pierre: The country has made “historic and life-changing economic gains” during Joe Biden’s term