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In The News for Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Posted Feb 28 2023 8:33PM

·        I’m a big fan of Italy’s new Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. It looks like Spain may have a similar one in the wings. Madrid’s President, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, is “waging war on woke and seeking to turn Madrid into the ‘Florida of Europe’ in a campaign that could lead to her becoming Spain’s first female prime minister.”

Since then she has cut taxes and red tape in a suite of open market policies that has been rewarded with growth two points above the national average. She cut income tax in the region by 20 per cent and introduced deductions to reward businesses hiring new workers. Madrid has overtaken Catalonia as Spain’s richest region, attracting £12.8 billion in foreign investment.

·        Warren Buffet, for some unknown reason for a man of his intelligence, has always been a Democrat and, in fact, supported Hillary. Apparently, Biden’s move to tax stock buybacks was the straw that broke the camel’s back, though. He characterized the President’s comments on the subject as “economically illiterate” and the utterances of a “silver-tongued demagogue.” Wonder if Bernie and Lieawatha will turn on him? I’m betting not. With Sam Bankman Fried out of the mix they can’t afford to write off a potential donor.

·        I’m glad to see the alumni stepping up to end this ridiculousness at VMI.

·        The Culture of Corruption. ‘Bad Faith’: Treasury Dept. obstructing investigation into Biden family finances, House Republican says. Of course, they are. Who expected anything else?

·        Why Big Tech will lose its Supreme Court case on section 230.  

·        I’m so old, I can remember when we were told that Trump had made us an international laughingstock and that Biden would restore the respect of our allies. Aussie Reporter loses it on air covering Biden’s Mental Health. Watch the clip.

·        This is hardly a surprise, is it? New AllSides Analysis EXPOSES Google News’ Enormous Left-Wing Political Bias

·        How bad is your state at managing voter rolls? Check interactive map.

·        Love to see Elon taking on these folks. Breaking: Elon Musk looking to develop a non-woke AI rival to counter ChatGPT: report. Another reason I’m an Elon fan. Elon Musk calls out military for diversity focus.

Janet Yellen: U.S. Taxpayers Have ‘Moral Duty’ to Help Ukraine. I’d say we have a moral duty to throw her out on her incompetent a**.