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In The News For Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Posted Apr 07 2021 7:26AM

·       Breaking. It must absolutely kill them to have to admit Trump was right. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says the Biden administration may restart construction on the Wall to fill any “gaps” in the current barrier. Look forward to Jan Psaki handling that question at the next press briefing.

·       YouTube continues to censor content, but Rumble takes up the slack. An interview with John Eastman discussing the election and his views on what transpired was taken down by YouTube and Vimeo. Here is it on Rumble. It is 53 minutes long and it totally dispels the notion that we should just forget what happened and move on. The bottom line is that the courts never ruled on the evidence. The other takeaway is that the Supreme Court abrogated their duty as John Roberts sided with the liberal justices.

·       Good luck with this bad idea, Janet. Treasury Secretary Yellen calls for minimum global tax rate. A bad idea whose time hasn’t come.

·       A good explanation of how Morgan Stanley and Goldman escaped billions in losses by blowing out the Archegos positions before Nomura and Credit Suisse could act. Morgan Stanley was somewhat less than open with the hedge funds they unloaded their positions on.   

·       There are going to be some heads exploding over this. LOL. Biden now want to RESTART construction on border wall to “plug the gaps.” Look for a major outbreak of TDS.

·       Sixty Minutes quickly came under fire for their hit piece on Gov. DeSantis. Even Democrats have defended him. Here he is calling it like everyone knows it to be.

·       You have to be kidding me. Why would anyone willingly fly on an airline that hires pilots based on anything but merit? United Airlines plans to use race and gender-based quotas to select pilots.

·       Georgia Smear Blowing Up In Biden’s Face. It should. Georgia Representative introduces legislation to make Georgia’s voting law mirror Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, which has much more restrictive laws. Stacey Abrams, governor in her own mind, is catching some heat, too. Well deserved. She should heed Dean Wormer’s advice to Flounder.

·       Gavin Newsom’s recall is getting interested. Heads would explode if the first transgender governor was a Republican.  

·       The time has come for reasonable Americans to stand up and draw a line in the sand. The quiet season is over. We are in a noisy season. Grab a bullhorn and start screaming.

·       Okay. So, Hunter Biden says psychedelic toad venom kept him sober for a year. Is there anything that will cause the media to ridicule this nitwit?