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In The News for Friday, June 11, 2021
Posted Jun 11 2021 7:52AM

·       So much for the Systemic Racism narrative being promulgated by the left-wing wokerati. Let’s put an end to this bulls**t. Complaints of racial discrimination have plummeted to all-time lows in recent years.

Systemic Racism.png

·       Biden administration immigration debacle reaches a new milestone under Border Czar Kamala Harris’ leadership. Attempted crossing hit a 21-year high and border agents stopped 189,034 people trying to illegally enter the U.S. Kamala’s response was to cackle when asked if she plans to visit the border.

·       In the largest operation of its kind ever conducted, California bulldozed a $500,000 marijuana operation in Antelope Valley, 300 miles inside the California border. It was being operated by the Sinaloa cartel. It is only one of many. L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is kicking butt and taking names. It’s about time. Step it up.

·       Stanford scientist gave a diagnosis of Anthony Fauci’s credibility. You may want to sit down. It’s not like I haven’t been telling you for over a year that he is a four-flusher.  

·       I’d like to forget it, too. On overseas trip, Biden tells airmen “I keep forgetting I’m President.” Needless to say, it was trending on Twitter.

·       Absentee vote fraud in Fulton County, GA seems clearly blatant and a judge has to make a decision after ordering ballots unsealed and election worker deposed. We seem to be getting closer and closer to a situation where the fact that the election was stolen will be obvious and, to my knowledge, there isn’t a remedy short of revolution. The “big lie” as the Democrats tried to portray it is gradually turning into the “big steal.” I’m hoping that the 2022 election will be the beginning of the Democrats 40 years of wandering in the desert.

·       Unbelievable! The Battalion Commander of 1-8 Infantry in Fort Carson, CO, the Fighting Eagles, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Rhodes, told his men “if you’re white, you’re the problem.” He has a private, :woke,” left-wing Twitter account under the name “Dru.” The Army has apparently started a full investigation spurred by the current Sergeant Major of the Army, Michael A. Grinston. Rhodes should immediately be stripped of command and riffed out of the Army if this is true.

·       More good news out of the Biden administration for Diabetes sufferers. Biden cancels Trump’s Insulin and Epi-Pen discounts. The reason? Well, they were Trump’s idea and that’s enough for our Fraudulency- in-Chief.  

·       This isn’t likely to help. Taxpayers fleeing blue states take $26.8 billion in gross income to red states. Bring em on as long as they don’t also bring their voting habits with them. How about a two-year moratorium on them being able to vote in their new state to give them time to acclimate?

·       Gov. Whitmer of Michigan is the poster child for overreaching government bureaucrats during the COVID pandemic, one of the worst of the worst. She is trailing by double-digits against her Republican challenger in the Governor’s race.

·       Civilians with machetes take on leftist rioters in Colombia. Hmmmm.

·       It seems like almost every day we get another fake news story about Trump put to rest. It shows just how beset with TDS the media was for four years. Hydroxychloroquine, check. Lafayette Square, check.    

·       Biden press plane invaded by swarm of insectoid vermin. Cicadas also took over the plane.

·       Croatia refuses to go along and England gets booed by fans for being woke.

·       Trump wants DNC and Hillary campaign held accountable for bogus Russian collusion witch hunt. They should be and it should be a very painful and expensive accounting.