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In The News for Thursday, August 4, 2022
Posted Aug 04 2022 7:04AM

·        Revisionist History, Revisited. A long, but very interesting piece on the truth behind an event in Minnesota involving the Sioux Indians and a mass hanging that took place.

·        Reuters “Fact Check” is unintentionally revealing. LOL.

·        Analysis of the purposely mislabeled Senate Inflation Reduction Act. Worse inflation and reduction in long-term growth. The Manchin Version. Wow! Shameless!  

·        Joe Manchin is supporting legislation that’s a slap in the face of his constituents who put him in office. He doesn’t stand for reelection until 2024. We’ll see if they remember.

·        Don’t make me laugh. Does anyone in their right mind believe that long-term civil servants possess a higher degree of skill due to their experience? That certainly isn’t borne out by the results. 2024 GOP hopefuls back Trump’s plan to purge civil servants. Please. Go through those bureaus like Sherman went through Georgia.

·        The great sportscaster Vin Scully died at the ripe old age of 94. He was respected by all and a great storyteller.  R.I.P.

·        Oh, Please. Please. Some Dem nitwit writes in an Op/Ed piece for The Hill that AOC, known far and wide for her wisdom and intellect, is the Democrats’ best hope to take on the evil Trump. How do you even respond to that kind of nitwittery?

·        Brazilians may have figured out how to cut down on crime. The government has encouraged citizens to fight back and they are doing so.

·        It’s not looking good for Liz. She found the one guy in the world who owns a Liz Cheney T-Shirt and her tweet was roundly made fun of.

·        As always, Michael Ramirez nails it.

·        The left hates it when a crime doesn’t fit the narrative. This one is a beauty. Nicolas Roske, 26, who intended to kill three Supreme Court Justices claimed online to be a trans woman named “Sofie.”

·        Just Facts Daily. Smoking Gun: Newly discovered emails confirm Joe Biden obstructed justice for his son’s foreign business deal. As soon as the new Republican majority gets their investigative committees going in 2023, I’m thinking Joe’s diaper is going to get very moist. No one who has seen the clip of Joe bragging about getting the prosecutor fired can have the slightest doubt this is true.