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In The News for Friday, February 5, 2021
Posted Feb 05 2021 7:48AM

·       AOC doubles down.

·       Freshman Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is 5 feet of pistol packing kickass. Ilhan might have chosen the wrong person to mess with.

·       Great map on Thursday’s Insanity Wrap #139. Also, some comments on the sad little girl with severe emotional problems.

Why you shouldn't invade America.png

Insanity Wrap can vouch for this map with one exception.

The Pacific Northwest, where it says, “This Part Wouldn’t Be That Tough.”


Having lived there for four years, we can tell you there are plenty of illegal pot-growing lands where they don’t take lightly to trespassers.

Proceed with caution… or better yet, back away quietly with your hands up.

·       The Horror! CNBC’s ridiculous Shep Smith shares ‘shocking video’ from Florida market where no one is wearing masks. Commenters on Twitchy weren’t impressed. Shep is a joke as a serious journalist/newsman and CNBC showed their true colors when they hired him after he left Fox. He made a pluperfect fool of himself during his coverage of Hurricane Katrina in case you’ve forgotten.  

·       Rand Paul slams mealy mouthed Biden nominee for Secretary of Education who won’t answer question about men competing in women’s sports. Another great appointment.

·       Johnny F-Bomb. An article about the thoroughly despicable John Brennan.

·       Matthew Braynard isn’t anywhere near ready to concede that talk of a fraudulent election is off limits and has been debunked. Hardly. He is convinced that fraud gave Biden Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona. Without those three, Grandpa Gropes isn’t president. It should tell you something that the winning side wants absolutely nothing to do with investigating the election.

·       What an embarrassment. State Department spokeswoman calls Cops ‘Blue Klux Klan,’ and ‘Largest Threat to U.S. National Security.’ And you thought Obama was surrounded by incompetent radicals?