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In The News for Thursday, September 9, 2021
Posted Sep 09 2021 8:12AM

·       This is so reassuring to know that the thousands of unvetted refugees are being closely watched. Apparently they are calling Uber and just leaving the detention centers. Can Biden do anything right?

·       The Hand of God. A new study of the Neural Complexity of a Single Brain Cell Boosts Intelligent Design.  

·       Rand Paul 1, Fauci 0. New documents indicate Fauci has been less than truthful. Actually, he’s just lied through his teeth.

·       Matt Taibbi on the reasons behind the media’s Ivermectin hospital crowding fiasco and other fake stories.

The problem lay in the reason the error spread, which happens to be the same reason underlying innumerable other media shipwrecks in the last five years. These include everything from wrong reports of Russians hacking a Vermont energy grid, to tales of Michael Cohen in Prague, to the pee tape, to Julie Swetnick’s rape accusation, to the Covington high school fiasco, to Russian oligarchs co-signing a Deutsche Bank loan application for Donald Trump, to Bountygate, to the “mass hysterectomies” story, and dozens beyond: the media business has become a machine for generating error-ridden moral panics.

·       What a novel idea. Denmark is proposing making migrants work 37 hours a week to earn benefits. “If you come to Denmark, you have to work to support yourself.”

·       This Administration nitwit from the National Economic Council commenting on skyrocketing grocery prices. “If you take out” beef, pork & poultry, the “price increases are more in line with historical norms.” Really? If you take out food, food prices are stable. Some classic doublespeak here.

·       “I’m not resigning, buy you should.” President Biden asked Kellyanne Conway to resign from the Board of Visitors of the Air Force Academy or be terminated by 6 PM. She responded with a well written, spot-on reply.

·       Whole Lotta Lyin’ Goin’ On.

·       Manchin’s Red Line. He’s holding the cards right now. Let’s hope he’s steadfast. Pelosi not happy with Joe. That means he’s on target.

·       He actually said this. “I’m supposed to stop and walk out of the room.” Related: Biden Anxiety Levels. Staff lives in fear that he’ll go off on his own.

·       CDC says a new COVID variant may be needed to effectively bury Afghanistan news.

·       You’re struggling to understand where vaccine hesitancy come from? Read this.

·       Dave Rubin interviews Tucker Carlson. Very interesting. It’s a two parter. Here is Part One and here is Part Two. Spoiler: He doesn’t own a TV.