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In The News for Thursday, February 11, 2021
Posted Feb 11 2021 7:51AM

·       Maybe it is about time for the Climatistas to “follow the science.” Not very likely as they are too invested in the narrative and not likely to admit their perfidy. Climate “Crisis” Update.

·       Biden has created a crisis at our Southern border. Polls show Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of stronger border controls, but it is playing to deaf ears. States need to continue taking the administration to court as Texas has successfully done. Biden wants illegal immigrant criminals to stay in the U.S. I know we’re all for that. How crazy are these people? You need a negative coronavirus test to enter the  U.S. – unless you are an illegal alien. You can’t make up insanity like this.

·       It will be interesting to see if attendance at Maverick’s games declines now that Mark Cuban has halted the playing of the National Anthem. I certainly hope so. Stephen Kruiser talks about it in his Morning Briefing.

·       Simply incredible! A conversation between Joe Biden and an ordinary citizen. Just an unscripted, extemporaneous conversation.

·       The Jeep commercial that should have run on the Super Bowl.  NSFW

·       Second only to the mentally challenged Greta Thornburg in terms of ridiculousness, David Hogg continues to make a fool of himself as he has decided to go into competition with My Pillow. He’s having a little trouble finding a unionized shop to do his manufacturing. As the article says, “If I were Mike Lindell, I’d send this kid a free pillow so he can get some sleep.”   

·       Dobby on “To Mask or Not to Mask? Insane Answers from Dr. Fauci. Please, someone get the hook for Fauci.

·       House Republicans released a video in response to the Democrats misleading video of President Trump.

·       Good news. Iowa to end COVID-19 restrictions starting Monday: no mask mandate, no social distancing, no gathering limits.  Needs to spread.

·       Once again you had to read the British tabloids to find out that Biden was booed at the Super Bowl. U.S. media didn’t see fit to report on it.

·       I think Liz Cheney and her fellow travelers will find this out. It’s a lot more likely that Trump purges the GOP establishment that him and his supporters being purged by them.

·       Hilarious! Failed Democrat Congressional candidate Pam Keith in an interview on MSNBC apparently used a shower curtain to give the impression she had an impressive bookshelf.

·       The New York Stock Exchange may not be in New York if a stock transfer tax is imposed. The exodus gains steam. Maybe they will move to TX, TN or FL like a lot of their over-taxed citizens.