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In The News for Saturday, January 14, 2023
Posted Jan 14 2023 9:08AM

·        The Week In Pictures: Corvette Summer Edition. Some WIP’s are better than others. This one is good.

·        Anybody Vette This Guy? They have now found classified documents in three different locations. I had a Top Secret clearance when I was involved in Military Intelligence. I don’t remember the “Corvette” standard of safeguarding classified documents.

Naturally, the media is all over the story.

   President Biden doesn’t know anything about either the first batch or the second batch. He did the right thing, even if he doesn’t know what the right thing is either.

   Biden doesn’t know anything about anything. That is, he knows nothing, We can all agree on that. It all comes as a great surprise to him.

    Unlike the classified documents seized from President Trump, the Biden documents do not threaten the national security of the United States or the possible destruction of the universe.

The Memes have begun.

The Biden Doc Found in Garage. Garland forced to name Special Prosecutor to investigate. Robert Hur.

Every news story that reported on the first cache of classified documents retrieved from a closet in the Penn Biden Center distinguished the Biden matter from the Trump matter. I think the documents locked up in storage at Mar-a-Lago may have been kept in an area more secure than Biden’s garage.

·        Green Investments, Red Ink. From the Energy Policy Research Foundation. I mentioned in Reveille at the beginning of last year that the Energy Sector percentage of the S&P 500 was at a 50-year low, and I have been consistently positive of the sector. I’m still positive.

·        Race discrimination may be outlawed by the Supreme Court. It is far more entrenched than the discrimination against blacks was in 1954. It is going to be interesting to see how the court rules in the pending Harvard and University of North Carolina cases.   

·        So, now they want to take your Gas Stove. These people are unhinged.

·        Stephen Kruiser’s Morning Briefing: Karine Jean-Pierre’s Last Brain Cell Has Left the Building.

Jean-Pierre’s claim to fame is that she checked off not one, but two HISTORIC FIRST boxes when it came to the press secretary gig. She is the first black person and first openly gay person to hold the job. The Democrat rules of political combat say that those two things mean that we’re not supposed to criticize her.

Too bad. Jean-Pierre is simply too awful to ignore.

It’s almost impressive that they found a spokesperson who’s nearly as incoherent as the always-incoherent buffoon at the top. If she and Biden meet one on one, they must have to bring code breakers in from the intelligence community to transcribe what was said.

Thanks to those two HISTORIC FIRSTS, Jean-Pierre has plenty of job security. She could light the briefing room on fire and anyone who suggested that she lose her job would be called a racist and a homophobe.

She’ll just keep getting angrier and angrier that people are asking her questions.

·        The Administrations premiere diversity hire. Kamala Harris Explains Caribbean Geography to World, World Stares Slack-Jawed. LOL.

·        A huge Gallup Poll of 10,000 adults showed that 45% identified as Republican and 44% as Democrats. It was the first time Republicans have led since Geo. H.W. Bush launched the Gulf War in 1991. To be fair, though, as Glenn Reynolds pointed out, the poll only polled living Americans, this by its very nature severely undercounting Democrats.

·        For the healing to begin, there need to be consequences. #Twitterfiles Part 14. You should read this if you think you already know the story. You probably don’t know just how perfidious some were. Legal Insurrection also has comments: “Russiagate scandal was built on the craven dishonesty of politicians and reporters.”

Russiagate, invented by the Clinton campaign, was a massive fraudulent interference not only in our elections, but in our political process, and the media, federal government, and Democrat politicians were perpetrators.

As I said, there need to be consequences. Removing the perfidious Adam Schiff and Fang Fang’s boyfriend, Eric Swalwell, from the House Intelligence Committee is only a start.

·        A little perspective on the Democrats hysteria over Rep. Santos.

·        There is an old adage from Will Rogers that an economist is as likely to be right as anyone else. In the case of climate science, I’d say Bill Gates is not as likely to right as anyone else. The evidence doesn’t support his pontification that we will overshoot 1.5 degrees Celsius on “global warming.” Being brilliant in one field just doesn’t translate. His opinions on global warming and eating fake food should be totally ignored if not ridiculed. Meanwhile, Democrats mock Republicans as being “poorly educated” while they idolize Greta Thunberg, a teenage high school dropout from Sweden.

·        More reason to stick to grass fed meat. This is most worrisome and anything sold that has been treated should have something on the label prominently displayed. According to Dr. Malone, mRNA vaccines are being injected into our food supply.

·        A Nixon Watergate-era tape supposedly has Richard Nixon warning CIA Director Richard Helms that he knows of CIA involvement in the Kennedy assignation. It also implicates former President Gerald Ford who was on the Warren Commission of altering evidence.