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In The News for Thursday, December 16, 2021
Posted Dec 16 2021 7:41AM

·       Some truly ludicrous comments from Joe Biden on inflation. He can’t even read off a teleprompter. Inflation is a raging fire right now. Joe thinks that throwing gasoline on it will help.  

·       Elon Musk For The Win. Twitter exchange of the year. Whatever possessed Fauxcahontas to think she could go head-to-head with Elon Musk on Twitter? Not a smart move, Liz. A really fun exchange to read, particularly the last one. The Babylon Bee took Elon to task. LOLOLOLhe   

·       Voice of America reporter, Patsy Widakuswara, stumps Jen Psaki d

·       when she asks what is Joe Biden’s biggest foreign policy success of the year. Jen had to “circle back.”

·       Dr. Scott Atlas has been one of the voices of sanity on COVID.

And why did they buy the idea that Joe Biden, of all people, could shut down the virus”? Delusional, magical thinking, of a type fostered by the left and the MSM, and cynically exploited.

·       First it was “Big Oil” and now it’s “Big Meat.” Jen Psaki, our version of Baghdad Bob, is trying hard to espouse DIN, Deny Inflation Now.  

·       The Salvation Army if finding out the hard way that going all in Woke may not be the way to go.

·       Naval Flag Officer, Admiral Christopher Grady, nominated for Vice Chair of JCOS, “Gender Advisers” for combat troops are critical to the United States’ success. “Damn the torpedoes, get me the gender advisers.” The Navy is in dire need or a thorough wokerati cleansing.

·       Rocket Scientists versus Brain Surgeons: Who Do You Think Is Ultimately Smarter? A team of definitely unbiased neuroscientists tried to determine scientifically who deserves the crown. Related.  

·       It’s a crowded field, but Adam Schiff seems determined to take the title as most despicable U.S. Congressman. Once again he has been caught doctoring documents. If anyone might benefit from some jail time, it’s this cretin.