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In The News for Wednesday, October 13, 2021
Posted Oct 13 2021 8:09AM

·       I hope you are as terrified by this nonsense from Jen Psaki as I am. “The president wants to make fundamental change in our economy.” Just shoot me. The most intellectually addled president in our history want to change what has made us the most successful and powerful country in the history of the world and is the envy of every other country in the world. These people are morons and it is time to quit acting like they have even the slightest clue and are anything but economically illiterate.

·       It’s Time For Strikes. Read the article to be reminded of just what we’re putting up with.

A nationwide strike by people from both sides of the aisle who might not agree but value personal liberty might wake people up. It could allow citizens to grab power back from the government, crony capitalists, and the corporations it enables.

In 2022, vote anyone out that puts government ahead of the rights of citizens from any party. Hint, there are some Republicans in bed with the Democrats that believe in centralized government. They might be the “Christine Todd Whitman/George Bush” wing of the Republican Party and they need to go. More Governor Abbot and Governor DeSantis and Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Dan Crenshaw, please.

A strike today is less harmful than the alternatives that could happen in the future.

·       What a story! Faking It: Shamala Edition. If you saw that cringeworthy clip of Kamala Harris talking to the group of twelve and thirteen year-olds as if they were kindergarten students, you might find it interesting that they were all actors. And,Oh The Irony! It was produced by a Canadian company named Sinking Ship Enterprises. Hot fitting.

·       Dave Chappelle fires a shot across the bow in the war against “Woke.” Hope the title of this article is right. The Rebellion Against ‘Woke’ Has Begun. I’m trying to do my part by totally ignoring anything ‘woke.’

·       Elizabeth Warren decides to celebrate Indigenous People[JW1] s Day, and the jokes just write themselves. Is there anyone in Washington, D.C. who is more self-unaware?

·       The latest from Australia. This is unbelievable! The guy responded with laughter and belittled them. The right response[JW2] [JW3] .

·       From the “I love a happy ending” files. 11-year old Alabama boy defends home after break-in. Perpetrator shot in leg and “cried like a baby.”

·       Good news from Southwest Airlines. CEO says no employees will be fired over vaccine mandate. Time for other companies to follow suit. Apparently, a NY judge says Healthcare workers will keep their jobs and Netflix has refused to cancel Dave Chappelle. Not a bad day for the anti-woke crowd.

·       Something seems to be afoot in several states in terms of citizens demanding forensic audits. You’d think a majority of Americans believe the elections were fraught with malfeasance. You’d be right.

·       Our Vice President. Aren’t you proud? Kamala Harris denounces European explorers for ushering in “wave of devastation” for native Americans.