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In The News for Monday, June 3, 2019
Posted Jun 03 2019 6:53AM

·        I have a small, limited number of followers on Twitter and don’t Tweet that often. I did Tweet the Wyoming Rancher’s summary of the Mueller Report, though. Joe Kernan, who I’ve known for years and appeared with on CNBC numerous times, re-Tweeted it to his thousands of followers. Damn! My Twiiter feed exploded! Thanks for sharing, Joe.

·        If you want to watch a truly interesting video, I recommend this interview with former Texas Prosecutor Sidney Powell, author of License to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.

·        Concerning the tariffs that will be imposed on Mexico, Rick Santelli got it right. How you feel about them is going to be a hindsight is 20/20 kind of thing. If they work, people will be ecstatic and think it was a brilliant and overdue move. If not, it will be viewed as a major mistake. Early indications are that Mexico is willing to talk.

·        This could be an interesting side by side comparison of how the two candidates draw. Biden and Trump will both be in Iowa on the same day for fundraisers.

·        Atty. Gen. Barr was interviewed on CBS and to use on old phrase, damned Mueller with faint praise. Actually, he disputed some of what Mueller said. Here is the full podcast. It is 48 minutes long, but the first 22 minutes are telling. I listened to the whole thing. The Attorney General was very diplomatic. Don Surber had a very good review of the interview.

·        Stuff just keeps oozing out. New Revelation: Peter Strzok Hid Information From Trump Campaign. Of course he did.

·        This one is a little surprising unless she’s being used as a case study. I initially thought this was satire. Hillary Clinton will be a featured keynote speaker at a Cybersecurity Conference. Maybe she’s going to explain how to use BleachBit and Hammers.

·        I always read whatever Victor Davis Hanson writes. He has a piece out comparing the current situation between the Democrats and President Trump to Captain Ahab and Moby Dick. So far, Trump seems to have escaped all of their efforts to spear and remove him before the 2020 election. Trump, like Moby Dick, seems a weird force of nature whose wounds from constant attacks only seem to make him more indestructible and his attackers even more obsessed with their prey.” If you like Victor, I recommend reading his piece, Federal Rats Are Fleeing the Sinking Collusion Ship. I’d prefer “vermin” but rats is OK.

·        In this age of Toxic Masculinity, the Babylon Bee has some advice on 12 Obsolete Manly Activities And What You Can Replace Them With.

·        Fauxcahontas Struggles. Right at the end of the 2-minute interview the interviewer suggests that she is like Rachel Dolezal. Her explanations sound ridiculous. Many of us have been told there is Native American blood in our family tree, but we didn’t put it on employment applications.

·        I mentioned this when it happened. Here’s an update on Massachusetts Judge Shelley Joseph who conspired to help a criminal illegal alien escape from her courtroom in order to evade ICE agents. She’s in hot water as well she should be.

·        I’m sure you saw this on the national news networks. Oh really? Well, here it is. Trump shook hands with every cadet at the Air Force Academy graduation, - individually, over the course of an hour, and with unflagging – even escalating – enthusiasm.

·        Art Laffer to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom. Very fitting.

·        What’s going on here? Isn’t anyone listening to Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Swalwell, et al? The President’s approval rating it the highest in two years, boosted by voter optimism about the economy. Pelosi was last seen kicking her dog out of frustration.

·        I never, ever watch Joe Scarborough and his dim-witted wife Mika Brzezinski, but I ran across this. Joe Scarborough Bizarrely Equates Nancy Pelosi Impeaching Trump To When Lincoln Freed The Slaves. They obviously aren’t the two sharpest knives in the drawer, but even for them this is just cringingly stupid. We’re all dumber for having read it. I’ve noticed a big difference between watching the hosts on Fox and MSNBC. The hosts on Fox laugh from time to time and seem to be enjoying themselves. The hosts on CNN and MSNBC seem totally devoid of any sense of humor. It’s a liberal trait, unfortunately. Have you noticed that conservatives seem to own the market for good memes?

·        Judge Emmet Sullivan is the judge presiding over the Michael Flynn case. The judge ordered the prosecution to turn over the transcripts of phone calls, but so far the DOJ has refused. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

·        The UK has lost 441 general practitioners in the last year and had 11,576 unfilled vacancies for doctors as of last June. In the last six years, 585 surgical practices have closed down, affecting 1.9 million patients. Who would have thought that their progressive tax scheme would have such consequences? Anyone with an understanding of basic economics. Incredible wait times and rationing of services is out of control. If that’s what you want, a vote for Bernie is just the ticket.

·        Just how silly have things gotten on many of our college campuses? This might give you an idea. Professor accused of ‘hostile learning environment’ for assigning male authors. The complainant needs to switch her major from Economics to Gender Studies so she’ll have a guaranteed job at McDonalds when she graduates.

·        I put Business Insider on my restricted list some time ago as the got progressively more “Woke.” This is a great example of the fact that most reporters are not that smart. This guy is their Global Editor-in-Chief.