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In The News for Monday, July 19, 2021
Posted Jul 18 2021 8:04PM

·       As we should be painfully aware by now, you can safely assume that whatever the left is accusing the right of is exactly what they are trying to do. The Ruling Class Poses the Very Authoritarian Dangers It Claimed Trump Did. They are determined to shut down dissent.

·       Arizona, Georgia and now it looks like Wisconsin may follow suit. At some point the courts could be forced to move into uncharted territory. I’d like to see more Republicans follow Rep. Cawthorn’s lead and speak up.

·       Gallup: American Trust in Media Plummets; Only Congress Less Trusted Among Major US Institutions. I wasn’t polled but I’m good with the results.

·       Inflation heads to double digits. Democrats smile. In just 5 months, Biden has pushed the Misery Index from 8.06 to 11.3. He is entering the Jimmy Carter Zone.

·       Defiance.

 Last week, I considered where we are to go, from here – what with an acting president down to his last mental quarter-marble, a VP afflicted with a notable lack of any professional skills save for those employed by ambitious tarts willing to bed their way up the career ladder, a corrupted FBI, and a national press corps remarkable for boot-licking sycophancy. This week, I consider defiance as a reaction; measured defiance, ridicule, strategic protest, declining to do business with companies who have gone offensively ‘woke’, declining to watch television shows or movies which have ostentatiously done the same or even just a sullen reluctance to join the baying throng.

·       Black Rifle Coffee has enjoyed huge success by being aggressively non-woke. There is concern that with their plan to go public they may be forgetting who made them successful. The jury is out.

·       Texas Democrats’ stunt circles back on them. LOL. This meme from Instapundit. Waiting for Babylon Bee to weigh in.

·       An interesting story of how we found out that China had built 120 new missile silos. They were discovered by an undergrad at Reed College.

·       You just can’t please the Democrats. Now they’re criticizing a Republican Plan to Put Polling Place in a Labyrinth Guarded by a Minotaur.

·       Hilarious, but true! You are one of the reasons people can’t stand the media[JW1] .