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In The News for Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Posted Jun 09 2021 7:46AM

·       A significant change in the number of Americans who favor the death penalty. Think maybe the surge in violent crime has had an effect?

·       Our First Cyborg President. The thoroughgoing phoniness gives the game away. Consider the attempted laugh and accompanying smile that immediately precede his remarks. The cyborg is lifelike, but something is ineradicably off. Those of us who grew up on Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Twilight Zone can’t miss it. This guy can’t can’t be for real.

·       Dems ask DOJ to help disbarred lawyer found to have falsified science, bribed judge to shake down oil company. Steven Donziger ran an elaborate legal scam.

·       New York might be the canary in the coal mine for progressives.

However, the New York City mayor’s race may be a barometer. This city’s current mayor is essentially a communist and not shy about it. Citizens of New York City elected him twice. For their trouble, they now have a skyrocketing crime rate and increasing homelessness. They’ve lived through over a year of draconian lockdowns, and some children there have missed over a year of in-person school.

·       Why a Georgia judge has voter fraud on his mind: “Pristine” Biden ballots that looked xeroxed[JW1] .

·       NYT staffer shocked to discover NYC is actually in America. Myra Gay: Seeing Anmerican Flags on D-Day Anniversary was Disturbing.

·       It will get you thrown off Facebook and Twitter in the U.S. but There’s a New Phenomenon Happening, “Trump Won” Banners Unfurling All Over the World. They know what actually happened, don’t they?...

·       There appears to be a little more to the Bitcoin recovery that was initially reported. It might not have been any kind of sophisticated hack, after all.

·       Ron DeSantis showed up at a Panama City Beach 2021 Gulf Coast Jam. About 22,000 people cheered him like a rockstar. In addition to DeSantis, the concert featured Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan. Who doesn’t like Brad’s I’m Going To Miss Her. Me or fishing. Tough choice.  

·       The Dopeler Effect at work. It has always been Obama’s primary tool. Often used by people surrounded by the Bozone Layer.

·       Your sneaky government at work. Scottsdale residents furious as Biden converts hotel into ICE detention center under cover of darkness. My bet is the Dems pay a heavy price at the polls in Nov. 2022 for the actions of his fraudulency. Every one of them should be put on a Greyhound for Mexico.

·       Someone at the IRS more than likely leaked confidential tax return data, a felony. Wonder if the Biden administration will investigate and hold anyone accountable? Odd how these leaks always seem to have a leftish bias.