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In The News for Friday, October 9, 2020
Posted Oct 09 2020 7:50AM

·       This outstanding video has gone viral, much to the surprise of the young lady who posted it on her Facebook page. She is a former liberal Democrat who has embraced the #walkaway movement. She is a resident of Los Angeles and her parting comment is “I would LOVE to get out of LA! Holy moly I think about it every day! My dream is to meet a SENSIBLE guy and hightail it to Texas. Yeehaw!” If I were a bachelor and a much younger man, I would reach out to her. I hope my Texas son reads this.

·       Coronavirus Panics After Testing Positive For Trump. I love it!

·       Don’t look for this in the mainstream media. It is an incredible peon to America and President Trump from Osama bin Laden’s niece, Noor bin Ladin. It is a must read. As she says “Being pro-Trump has caused me more grief than being Osama bin Lanen’s niece.” She goes on to say, “Americans are, in my experience, the warmest, most kind-hearted and open-minded people in the world.” I encourage you to read this piece.

·       Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi had an unhinged tirade about invoking the 25th Amendment. This editorial expressed my view. Is There a Doctor in the House?

·        We need to see more of this to blunt the Soros funded DA’s in some of these cities. Feds Charge Violent Portland Arsonist Who Was Set Free by the Local DA.

·       The claim made by Kamala Harris in the debate was that most Americans are against confirming Amy Coney Barrett before the election. Sorry, that’s just not true, like a lot of her claims. A poll released Wednesday by Morning Consult shows 46% favor confirmation compared to 31% who oppose it.

·       This must have triggered some real angst on the part of morning commuters in L.A. Huge TRUMP sign greets morning commuters.

·       They should be under fire. Actually, they should be replaced A.S.A.P. The FBI’s slow walking and massive redactions of released documents has to stop. Trump should call them on the carpet and ream them a new one.

·       Do you think anyone, and I mean anyone, gives a hoot in hell who Carly Fiorina endorses? Why is this even news?

·       Mollie Hemingway addresses the vice-presidential debate.

·       Some comments on the two debates and the problem with having Democratic moderators. There has to be a better way. For example, this might have been a good question that a neutral moderator might have asked.

·       Update on the “mostly peaceful” demonstrations in Wauwatosa, WI.

·       What could possibly go wrong here? Army says they’ll give a bye to soldiers having to pass Army Combat Fitness Test to graduate from Basic Training. Are you kidding me? At the end of basic training at Ft. Gordon, GA in 1969, I had lost 25 pounds, could do 100 push-ups and jog 12 miles on sandy roads wearing combat boots while carrying a rifle and full canteen. I sent a Polaroid home of myself from basic and my baby sister broke out crying due to the fact that I was obviously being starved. LOL.

·       From Senatorial contender to laughingstock of the state of North Carolina, if not the nation, Cal just can’t seem to remember the first law of holes. Stop Digging when you find yourself in one.