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In The News for December 31, 2019
Posted Dec 31 2019 9:54AM

·        We Now Know: Perps & Their Accomplices. It becomes clearer by the day.

·        Bernie’s base is made up of “people who (1) haven’t learned anything in 50 years and (2) aren’t old enough to be knowledgeable about more than a handful of those years.” I somehow doubt that is enough to drag him across the finish line.

·        As the old and true saying goes, “when seconds count the police are only minutes away.” Update: Good guys with guns. Don’t Mess With Texas. If victims are armed, they don’t have to be victims. Six people immediately pulled their firearms and responded. This guy is apparently the one who took one, well-aimed shot and ended what could have been much worse. Gun control means hitting what you aim at. And this story in the Babylon Bee: Media disappointed to learn armed citizen stopped mass shooting. It’s one of those rare stories in Babylon Bee that isn’t really satire.

·        Victor Davis Hanson: Impeachment was never about Trump’s failures, but about fears of his perceived successes.  Trump’s ‘Failures’.

·        Some good news highlights. No. 12: The U.S. economy represented one-fifth of global GDP before Trump took office. It now represents one-fourth of global GDP, a stunning 25% rise.   

·        Eric Swallwell taken to burn ward. California should be embarrassed by the quality of people they send to Congress.

·        If you had told me this would happen when I was there in 1971-1972 I would have thought you had lost your mind. Americans are retiring to Vietnam, for cheap healthcare and a decent standard of living.

·        As the author says, “Much to the left’s dismay.” Adriana Cohen: After unexpected election, Trump delivers, big time. From the Boston Herald.

·        LOL. As the decade ends…it’s truly amazing that 7,800 media workers lost their jobs in 2019 and not one of them was named Rubin, Paul Krugman, Matt Yglesias, or Jonathan Chait. From Newsalert.

·        What’s going on? Things like this used to be strictly reserved for Republicans. Hecklers derail Biden event.

·        Deregulation is working. John Stossel’s take.

·        A new day, a new unhinged statement from Slow Joe. ‘We should put them in jail!, I’m not joking about this.’ Joe want to prosecute fossil fuel executives, now. Have Democrats somehow forgotten what a terrible candidate he was twice before? Probably. They can’t seem to remember what Socialism has resulted in everywhere it has been tried.

·        The UN panel on Outrage Change has confirmed the worst: global levels of outrage may reach the point of no return in 2020.