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In The News for Monday, June 13, 2022
Posted Jun 13 2022 6:27AM

·        A particularly good Week In Pictures. CAROWNERVIRUS Edition.

·        Biden: “My plans have produced the strongest, fastest, most wide-spread economic recovery America has ever experienced-recovery with record jobs, record small businesses and wages rising.” As Abraham Lincoln said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” In case you are one of the few who still has any doubt.

·        Just about a week after Joe and his witless press secretary bragged about what a stellar job Joe has done with (to?) the economy, we got two economic reports that might be a little embarrassing. Inflation came in at 8.6%, the highest level since 1981, eclipsing the consensus of 8.2%; and the Univ. of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index at 50.2 was the lowest since records have been kept. Consensus was 58.5. Keep it up, Brandon. And you can keep flogging this dead horse. No one buys it.

Look On Your Face.png

 ·        Oh, Please. State Department to Announce Global ‘Racial Equity’ Chief, Leaked Email Shows. The Wokerati strike again.

·        Being Difficult. Just say no.

But a whole lot of you went out and got you some book learning, unfortunately from the left, most of whom aren’t really Americans, not inside their heads, and you forgot how we deal with stupid laws and a government determined to exterminate the nation.

Repeat after me:


Hell no.

No with bells on.

You can’t make me.

You can kill me, but you can’t make me do what you want.

Sod off. You have no right to order me. The bastard with the right to order me ain’t been born.

·        Let’s Go Brandon. Gas hits $5/gallon.

·        As only Sen. John Kennedy can put it

·        What a breath of fresh air. He’s been on fire since he took the red pill.

elon musk.jpg

·        In case you missed watching the network televised Jan. 6 hearings, Byron York had a column as did Andrew McCarthy.

·        When you’ve lost Massachusetts…Democrats’ new theme song as they prepare for the midterms. Chopin’s Marche Funèbre, from Sonata no. 2, opus 35. Of course, Ted Kennedy was underwater in Massachusetts, and he went on to become the ‘Lion of the Senate!’

·        Great headline from the London Times, Ministers quietly abandon ‘green crap’ as focus shirts to food security.

·        A sentiment we can all agree on from Howard Dean referring to the Democratic bench. “The generation after me is just a complete trash heap.” Of course, so is his. I don’t understand. How can he say that with shining lights like Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris waiting in the wings?

·        The most effective antidote to crime? Locking criminals up – preferable for a long time.