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In The News for Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Posted Nov 18 2020 7:20AM

·     This is simply an incredible development if it is proved. I ran across it last night on one of the sites I regularly check for breaking news but haven’t seen it confirmed anywhere else, yet. It alleges that a Dominion software engineer told Antifa he’d made sure’ Trump wouldn’t win. It would certainly help explain some of the “baffling” statistical anomalies.

·       For those of you interested in the status of the voter fraud allegations and investigations, this is a very long and very thorough look at the whole picture.

·       “Mathematically Extraordinary.”  Analysis of Pennsylvania election results.

·       In 2019 NBC reported on how EASY it was to hack Dominion voting machines. Haven’t noticed them re-running the story lately. Anyone?

·       Georgia seems to be having problems with their audit. “Things just aren’t adding up.” Project Veritas noticed some problems[JW1] . Gate Pundit has been tracking the fraud problem closely.

·       A little food for thought. Ahead of the 2020 election, Cook listed 27 races as “toss-ups,” meaning they were too close to predict one way or another. Republicans won all 27.

·       And now another county has found thousands of Trump votes that weren’t turned in.

·       Here come the commies. The Washington Post’s editorial board says it’s time to get rid or the electoral college. Yea, I know I’m all for letting Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City and Chicago control who becomes president.

·       Pelosi seems to believe in the Dopeler Effect that if you say something stupid often enough it will become true. She keeps delusionally talking about a non-existent “mandate” that the voters gave Joe Biden. The mandate was that she nearly lost control of the House as her “blue wave” never materialized. In fact, just the opposite happened in the House, where she looks to have lost 10 seats at least.

·       Karma comes for BLM/Antifa folks who attacked and harassed Trump supporters in D.C. How about sending a message that includes some serious jail time?

·       New Study: Lockdowns & Masks are useless and might even increase COVOD-19. You mean that something with no scientific basis, and pushed by all the progressives and petty politicians turns out to be counterproductive? I’m shocked. This shouldn’t be news if you are a regular reader. It’s common sense.

·       Portland anarchists attacked a Democratic Party HQ and suddenly vandalism isn’t cool anymore.  

·       You can run but you can’t hide, even in Iran.

·       It’s good to be the elite. As Americans suffer lockdown’s in some localities again, 20 lawmakers from 3 states just flew to Maui to mingle with a bunch of lobbyists at a post resort for 4 days.

·       What a surprise said almost no one. Under oath[JW2] , Zuckerberg admits that Facebook can coordinate censorship with Twitter and Google.