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In The News for Monday, November 2, 2020
Posted Nov 01 2020 8:00PM

·       This is what is called kicking ass and taking names. No U.S. casualties. Seal Team Six rescues American hostage in Nigeria in daring raid.

·       Worth reading as you head out to vote tomorrow. Thought From The Ammo Line. Quote: For 47 years, Joe Biden has been chowing down at the public trough like a chubby lady at Golden Corral the day before she plans to start a diet. He has never said anything original worth repeating, never done a single useful thing. Donald J. Trump is the first president since Harry Truman to be a genuine outsider. If he has rough edges, it’s because he needs them.

·       From CNBC: How Joe Biden made his millions.

·       It would be nice to have some competition is this area. Apple building its own version of Google Search, report says. Thee

·       An interesting tidbit. Apparently, Facebook has charged the Biden campaign considerably more that the Trump campaign for ads. $2.50 more per 1000 impressions than Trump. Looks like someone knows how to negotiate.

·       More on the efficacy, or lack thereof, of wearing masks. The mask dogma had many cracks in it from the start. For one, the U.S. surgeon general and the Centers for Disease Control both previously said that “masks are NOT effective in preventing [the] general public from catching coronavirus,” so they were already starting with a credibility deficit. Furthermore, many officials have been frequently caught without masks when they think the cameras are off them. Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example, has been caught doing this multiple times.

·       Also, more evidence the number of COVID-19 deaths is greatly exaggerated.

·       Insanity Wrap #77:

Insanity Wrap is old enough to remember when Sweden was going to kill everyone if they didn’t lock the country down and make people wear full-body condoms to prevent the spread of the Wuhan Flu.

Instead, Sweden pretty much went about its business, while doing what it could to protect the most vulnerable. And then, just like the “science believers” warned us, everyone in Sweden died.

Or not.

Tweet 1.jpg

Sweden peaked early, and for months now has enjoyed a minuscule-to-zero death rate from the scary OMIGOD-19 virus.

Achievement Unlocked: Herd Immunity.

Insanity Wrap feels certain we already mentioned that Sweden did this without shutting down or mandating masks, but we’d like to reiterate for the slow kids in the back — actually, the slow kids are on the Left.

Now let’s take a look at Spain, where they shut down everything and instituted an indoor and outdoor mask mandate back in May.

Tweet 2.jpg

Cases aren’t deaths, of course, so in a sense, we’re comparing apples and oranges.

On the other hand, given Spain’s aged population (median age: 44.9 compared to our 38.4), it’s safe to assume that their mortality rate is quite a bit higher than Sweden’s.

In fact, Spain has had 34,521 fatal cases, compared to Sweden’s 5,927.

Spain has about 4.5 times as many people as Sweden, but seven times the number of COVID-19 fatalities.

That’s as of last week, but while Spain’s infection rate is spiking, Sweden is pretty much done with the Wuhan Flu.

Thus endeth the lesson.


·       Thursday’s Gaffe-A-Rama.

·       Killing Two Birds With One Stone – Protest Racial Injustice and Do Your Christmas Shopping at the Same Time.

·       Portland, OR seems poised to elect an outright Communist as their next mayor. What could possibly go wrong?  

·       The censorship blatantly continues. Facebook group New Jersey Women For Trump with 23,000 members removed from Facebook without notice days before election. These people are thumbing their noses at us just days after being called on the carpet in Congress. Action needs to be taken.

·       As President continues to pack in thousands at his rallies, Biden cancels Texas events after receiving a bit Texas welcome. Meanwhile, 96 miles of MAGA in Arizona