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In The News for Thursday, January 13, 2022
Posted Jan 12 2022 7:22PM

·       Joe Biden Fails His Own Test For Evaluating The Pandemic Response.

 I would be disinclined to adopt that explanation had Joe Biden not blamed Donald Trump for the number of covid deaths that occurred here during Trump’s presidency. But Biden did blame Trump. Therefore, it seems only fair to blame Biden for his failure to meet the “Europe test” he applied toThi his predecessor.

·       Oh, Please. Hillary 2024!? Article in WSJ by long-time Democrats Douglas Schoen and Andrew Stein.

Why not? First, never underestimate the narcissism, vanity, malignancy, and sense of entitlement of Hillary Clinton and her entourage. … After all, who really want to take any chance that this grasping harridan could get within a million fraudulent ballots of the Oval Office.

·       I wrote about The Great Barrington Declaration at the time it first came out. I’d say it has been totally vindicated after being censored and cancelled by Google, Twitter, YouTube, the Mainstream Media and the CDC. Liars all.

·       CNN has experienced a staggering loss of viewers. They’ve shed nearly 90% of 2021 audience. How can that be when they have people with the gravitas of Brian Stelter?

·       If you watch TV at all, you have to have noticed that Caucasians are vanishing from TV commercials. In the U.S. today, the White population is 57%, excluding Hispanics. You’d think they would be a fertile target for marketing.  

·       This is too good! Film clip Meme of the Month. COVID Horse Race: It was a close call.

·       Some comments on Biden’s speech which was a lie right down to the title.

This was the speech of a demagogic race hustler. We are all familiar with his kind. They are stalwarts of the Democratic Party.

In the hands of an authentic hustler like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, the hustle is a fraud. In the hands of Joe Biden, the hustle is a transparent fraud. If Biden’s shameless hustle is not a confession of failure, it is almost certainly a portent of it.

·       An interesting map. Where are people moving to and from?