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In The News for Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Posted Nov 30 2021 7:06AM

·       New the financial markets should respond to. The South African doctor who first discovered the new Omicron strain of COVID says it is “extremely mild.”

·       Rep. Boebert forgot one of the key rules of dealing with these people. Never, ever apologize. I’d say Jihad Squad is a pretty good description.

·       Canada has its own Liawatha. Bonus: Elizabeth Warren’s Fauxcahontas’ Texas Bar Registration card listing her race as American Indian. Lest we forget just how big a fraud she is.

·       Glenn Reynolds: “Our public institutions are corrupt and inept and people have noticed.” Military, justice, FBI – half the country has lost faith in pillars of US civilization.  

·       Want to contemplate something truly scary? Some Democrats worried about Kamal Harris’ deep unpopularity, are whispering about a potential “nuclear option” to get her off the ticket for 2024. The solution: nominate her for the Supreme Court should a vacancy come up. Now there is an intellect that we really need on the court, isn’t it? In what dystopian universe could this even be contemplated? Assuming the Republicans sweep the Senate and House in 2022, a Harris appointment to SOTUS won’t happen, thankfully.

·       Greece has done a major turnaround. Wonder what’s different? They replaced a socialist government with center-right one and now they are growing at 6%.