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In The News for Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Posted Nov 03 2021 6:41AM

·       Well, this didn’t age well, did it? Looks like the new Governor of Virginia has some good backup in his Lt. Gov. The Republicans swept all three races, Gov., Lt. Gov. and Atty. Gen. This might put a little stiffness in the backbones of some wavering moderates in Congress an imperil Joe’s spendapalooza bill. Amazingly, New Jersey is still undecided with the Republican candidate holding a slight lead. Across the country in various elections progressives went down in flames.

·       The reason for yesterday’s huge gain in the Dow Transportation Index and some comments on Dow Theory.

·       At this point anyone who doubts this simply hasn’t been paying attention. The question is whether anything will ever be done about it. Durham is probably a long shot, so it means that nothing is likely to happen until 2022.

·       The media’s angst over Florida’s success has been obvious. They just refuse to cover it. How about Sweden? The media is totally addicted to COVID porn.

·       Kruiser’s Morning Briefing: He followed the science and got punished by Twitter.  

·       Wesley Muhammad is a professor at San Francisco State University as hard as that is to believe. He is also an adherent of Louis Farrakhan. When it come to finding contorted ways to be antisemitic, they have a corner on the market. Wesley claims that Jewish marijuana is making black men gay. I’m sure he is an outstanding professor and San Francisco State is lucky to have a man of his abilities.

·       Whatever happened to that investigation of those horrible border patrol agents on horseback? Down the memory hole?

·       Pushing Grandpa Off the Cliff: Democrats Ready to Ditch Joe Biden. Unfortunately, Kamala is just as unpopular.

·       In case you had any doubt that Sen. Manchin was on the right track, this should clear it up. Corey Bush slams his opposition to spending bill. If anything affirms his stance, that is it.