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In The News for Monday, March 22, 2021
Posted Mar 22 2021 6:50AM

·       Judge Silberman’s Dissent. A huge dose of good advice from a respected jurist. Well worth reading. It’s gotten a lot of press in the last week.

·       As I’ve tried to point out, when the military becomes a target if ridicule, it is not good. Babylon Bee: Instead Of Traditional Warfare, Chinese Military Will Now Be Trained To Shout Wrong Pronouns At American Troops.

·       Democrats seem determined to pass a bill, HR1 in the House and S1 in the Senate, that is universally opposed by voters. 85% of likely voters believe that voter ID is just common sense, and it cuts across race. Ignoring the will of voters can have consequences, and this one hits the hot button for many us. With a razor thin margin in the House, the Democrats would be wise to listen to their constituents. Here is a good rundown of what is going on.  

·       Mask Theater In The Senate. Score one for Sen. Paul. My Ifavorite comment from the post:  I don’t join in those who condemn Kerry for hypocrisy. In my opinion, not wearing a mask on an airplane is perhaps the first sensible thing Kerry has done in his last four decades in public life. Glenn Reynolds column in the New York Post on Fauci. He has hung around way past his expiration date. And this from Victory Girls.  

·       A Diplomatic Disaster in Alaska. Powerline’s comments Fiasco in Anchorage: “If you search for “Chinese Food” on the DoorDash app, it now has a picture of Tony Blinken.

·       There is a reason why Gov. DeSantis and Gov. Noem are early front runners for the 2024 nomination. Battle Lines Being Drawn.

·       Maybe the troops are smarter than their officers. Some US troops view Capitol riots, racial protests equally, worrying Pentagon leaders.

·       The Sovereign Crime of Industrial Scale Voter Fraud.  A very good and eye opening article about a subject that isn’t going away. I encourage you to read the whole article.

Your government, at the state and federal level, the FBI, government agencies can be in on the scam.  That is the realization slowly being accepted by millions of Americans.

We have technologies that can identify dead voters the moment they cast a ballot.  We can identify people who are out-of-state, voted twice, are underage, live in a vacant lot or a UPS or FedEx postal box.  We can even show a photo of that vacant lot so you can see where your fake neighbor claims to live.

Literally, the second their ballot is counted, they can be flagged as a likely fraud.

Yes, we can deploy that technology today.  We have done if it in the insurance industry for decades. h

We can predict where election fraud is going to happen.  We can predict how it is going to be done.  We can deploy technologies to identify likely fraud within seconds of when it happens.

The question is, if the government is pretty much in on the election fraud, does it really matter?

·       This is an interview I’ll look forward to. Jordan Peterson asks Elon Musk to be guest.

·       Just imagine the evening news if this had happened to Trump. Biden struggles boarding Air Force One. Just a reminder. A blast from the past, Biden: “Look how I run up ramps and how he stumbles down ramps.” Don’t look for the evening news to lead off with Biden’s struggle.

·       Kristi Noem has been one of the few governors who has stood out during the COVID crisis for her refusal to cave to the woke crowd and the ridiculous shut downs imposed by other states. She has been talked about as a potential nominee in 2024. Now, she is angering a lot of her supporters by refusing to sign a bill banning individuals who were male at birth from competing in women’s sports. She is drawing a fine line between high school and college, and it doesn’t sit well.

·       Project Veritas’ lawsuit against the New York Times will be allowed to proceed. It ought to be interesting.

·       Taxes! We don need no stinkin taxes! Finance and Tech firms are mirroring the famous line from Treasure of the Sierra Madre to New York’s proposed taxes. Adios, Amigo