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In The News for Thursday
Posted May 16 2019 8:25AM

·        You gotta like someone with a sense of humor. It was reported yesterday that Atty. Gen. Barr and Nancy Pelosi were both at a National Peace Officers Memorial Service at the Capitol and that Barr approached Speaker Pelosi and asked, “Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?” Supposedly the two laughed about it, but I suspect Nancy’s laughter was pained. I so hope this is a true story.

·        Also this. You’re going to need more popcorn. I mentioned that Trey Gowdy pointedly mentioned that Barr needed to look into emails between Comey and Brennan. Now those two are finger pointing at each other. Too funny for words.

·        6 Things to Know About the Prosecutor Investigating Spying on Trump Campaign. It looks like they have the right guy on the case. Let’s see some perp walks. John Yoo was Deputy Assistant Attorney General under Bush 43. He told Fox News that in appointing a U.S. Attorney to investigate Spygate, Bill Barr told the world to expect indictments. I hope he’s right. I’ve found my outlook and my mood has improved considerably starting with Bill Barr’s appearance in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here’s a great editorial cartoon.

·        Georgia’s proposed new pro-life legislation has been in the news a lot. It’s known as the “Heartbeat Bill.” Whether you are pro-abortion of pro-life, at least be honest in how you frame your response to the bill. The media and our betters in Hollywood have been totally over the top with fake news. Here are the facts.

·        An impressive article about the F-35 fighter. “An invincible combat aircraft piloted by an operator with unprecedented situational awareness. This is why F-35’s typically kill over 20 adversary aircraft for every friendly loss in exercises aimed at honing pilot skills.”

·        Too funny for words. The media is suddenly silent on the importance of a free press as Fauxcahontas declares war on Fox News. Nothing but crickets.

·        China loses more from this trade war. “It is vulnerable because it is a much poorer country with more fragile political institutions.” An argument I have been positing along with several others and obviously a tenet of the U.S. position. Stephen Green had an apropos comment: “Beijing has been enjoying the benefits of free trade with the West and the domestic political fruits of an increasingly anti-Western foreign policy. It’s time they were made to pick one.” An interesting take from MarketWatch: The media is lying to you about Trump’s China tariffs. “The hysteria must have a political agenda because the amount that’s being charged is peanuts.”

·        A private jet with two billionaires, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and 5,000 cannabis plants flew into St. Kitts. What could possibly go wrong?

·        Which state has the highest poverty rate in America? Hint-It isn’t Mississippi or West Virginia. Hint #2 – It is a one-party state governed by clueless liberal politicians. Correct. It’s California. Words to remember from Milton Friedman: “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” That’s pretty much the one sentence indictment of our whole series of government entitlement programs going back decades. California, with just 12% of the population has 1/3 of the nation’s welfare recipients. Economist Robert Niskanen isn’t widely known by those outside of the sphere of economics, but his work on bureaucracies is very pointed.

·        Lindsay Graham introduced a new bill to fix the border crisis Wednesday morning. Here’s a rundown on what’s in it. At some point we need to also address the issue of birthright citizenship. We have illegal immigrants crossing the border literally while they’re in labor. It’s insane. President Trump will unveil a new proposal today that is merit based and provides for a wall. It’s time to back some people into a corner who think open borders and sanctuary cities aren’t insane.

·        He was working on his ball handling skills. Naked man arrested playing basketball on a public court in Longwood, FL.

·        I’ll end with this. Someone told me to go to the Wikipedia site and google Timeline of Irish inventions and discoveries. I did so and it took me a while to figure out why they directed me to it. When I did, I almost fell on the floor laughing. See if you can figure it out. I’ll give the answer in tomorrow’s edition.