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In The News for Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Posted Dec 14 2022 7:37AM

·        Our Border Is Gone. This is due to the treasonous negligence of our President to fulfill the duties he swore to do when he was inaugurated. Every single Republican in the House and Senate should be screaming at the top of their lungs and should shut down the operation of those institutions until the problem is addressed. It would force the lamestream media to cover the problem and I believe the hue and cry would increase as constituents began to pressure their representatives. We need to have mass roundups and ship these people back across the border and as far south as the roads will permit.

·        Just how bad is the exodus from blue states to red states? Pretty bad. New Yorkers Flee For Greener Pastures. 10% of New York’s highest income earners and 6% with moderately high incomes have unassed the AO as we used to say in the Army. Bring on those new taxes.

·        ESG On The Rocks. For those non-woke investors who own fossil fuel companies and coal, they are up on the year.

·        Touche. Elon Musk to John Brennan: “Your house is glass.” Brennan is a despicable, avowed communist who should never have been allowed anywhere near the seats of power.

·        Go for it. These people need to be held accountable. The latest from Gov. DeSantis.  

·        Drag Queen story hour performer to attend White House ceremony. This guy is a bona fide, died in the wool pervert.

·        You get what you vote for, idiots. Burlington, VT of all places is reeling from the highest number of homicides in decades after defunding police.