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In The News for Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Posted Jan 31 2023 8:12AM

·        I wouldn’t call this a very surprising revelation. Liberals are miserable.

·        It just keeps getting smellier and smellier. Hunter Biden offered to sell Alcoa classified information on Russian oligarchs.  

·        An idea I wholeheartedly embrace. To Save America, Abolish the Civil Service.

Created by Congress, often at the urging of the president, these independent, immortal bureaucratic golems are a second form of government that co-exist with the constitutional system most Americans think we have. Being "independent," they are at once legislative in function but also judicial in essence: their wishes have the force of law (often written by themselves), tried before administrative law judges, and enforced at gunpoint by their private police forces when necessary. They are effectively beyond the direct supervision of all three legitimate branches of government, to the extent that they now form a fourth branch of government.

·        No, I won’t. You Will Be Forced to Care – Gay Hockey Edition. Just another part of the slippery slope we headed down when gay marriage was legalized. Speaking of ice skating, in case you missed the Finnish ice skating exhibition, it’s a must see. Finland has introduced the world’s first transgender national figure skater. LMAO!

·        An hilarious and very apt appraisal of the George Santos brouhaha. A review of the new rules that keep him as a congressman.   

·        I know it is hard to believe, but Biden made Several False Claims During Speech On America’s Economy. I know. Has he ever made a speech in his career that wasn’t full of perfidy? I’d say in Joe’s case it goes all the way back to “the dog ate my homework.”

·        Vegans need to do some work on their protest planning. Being stupid and being a vegan terrorist seem to be completely compatible. Vegans vow to stop a truck loaded with livestock on its way to slaughterhouse. Trucker declines to cooperate.   Clip.

·        What a well-worded reply. JK Rowling’s reaction to trans-activists who no longer admire her. I love a good turn of phrase by a creative writer. That reads like something that Oscar Wilde might have come up with.