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In The News for Saturday, November 14, 2020
Posted Nov 14 2020 8:31AM

·       “Never Bet Against Me.” Trump makes first post-election comments, lays out path to victory. Sidney Powell is convinced that Trump won in a landslide. She says she is going to release the Kraken.

·       A simple question was asked of people who have actually worked in the fields of auditing/stats/fraud/investigations/or other data analysis type fields. In your entire career, have you ever seen a case that threw up this many red flags that DID NOT turn out to be fraud? The answers were a resounding, overwhelming NO. Read the responses.

·       John Voight taped a piece as a powerful message to America: “This is the battle of righteousness vs. Satan.” His Tweet was “We all know the truth.”

·       A thorough takedown of the MSM.  “We need to begin exploring bigger, louder, and harsher ways of exposing the vile pathological liars in the MSM. There can be no letting up. Should Grandpa Gropes make it to the White House, they no doubt will be emboldened and double-down on their truth-free ways.”

Anyway, it’s Friday, and I often like to TGIF by beating up on the thoroughly execrable mainstream media. What the Democratic advocacy corps that masquerades as our journalist class has been up to since the election has plumbed new depths of unforgivable. That’s saying a lot when discussing people who spend every day exploring ways to be almost criminally irresponsible.

After lying daily for months to get the drooling husk that once was Joe Biden elected president, they’ve spent the days since the election slandering any American who has expressed an interest in making sure that any irregularities in ballot counting are exposed.

·       More on the subject. Jake Tapper triggered by claim that CNN is not a ‘News Organization’ claim, then receipts get dropped.

·       Article in The Mail. Our MSM doesn’t carry anything that questions the integrity of the election. You have to read it in British papers.

·       Trump’s Pentagon shakeup is long overdue, in my opinion. It needs to go further into the flag ranks.

·       A little flop sweat, perhaps? Adam Schiff and the always intellectually challenged Joy Reid of MSNBC are fretting over the Republican-led investigations. Also, Great moments in self-awareness.  

·       An ex-Clinton aide details the ‘stealthy road’ to a Trump victory. I’ve read other articles commenting on this.

·       Good luck on this one, Diane. Feinstein urges Lindsey Graham to ‘cease to process judicial nominations’ until after inauguration day. My advice is to batch them up and pass them en masse.

·       The State Legislators in both PA and MI are requesting full audits before certifying the election results.

·       I fervently hope attorney Lin Wood is right about this. Clearly, it appears that there are some election officials who need to spend some time in prison reflecting on their behavior.

·       Interesting article about the  huge 23% swing in young white millennials abandoning Democrats.

·       California’s priorities are interesting to say the least. They are planning to reopen Strip Clubs before Churches.

·       The Biggest Surprises of the 2020 Democratic House Debacle. And there are still some races to be called. It could get worse for Nancy.

·       Case for mask mandate rests on bad data.

·       Well, I put this under the category of encouraging. ABC Chief Legal Analyst: Trump Could Still ‘Steal’ This Election. Sounds like someone is a little worried. That’s good.

·       Norway will not tolerate Tranny jokes.

·       Looking for a politician to donate to? CNN has put together a list for you. All GOP Senators who haven’t congratulated Biden.

·       Maricopa County woman road rager stopped by Batman Grappler Bumper.

·       Dobby says “do as you’re told.”  

·       Do Cougars roam the Smokey Mountains? I saw one in 1964 in Cherokee National Forest. The locals know they are still there despite the official stance of the Park Service that they are extinct in that area. Has a clear view and it was without doubt a panther as the locals call them.

·       Judge Alito spoke to the National Lawyers Convention of the Federalist Society. His remarks are worth reading.  “religious liberty is in danger of becoming a second-class right.” He said much, more about that issue, freedom of speech, the dangers of the administrative state and related issues.

·       Interesting. AOC believes the Dems lost their House majority. Well, there are some races still that haven’t been called[JW1] .

·       Always good. Florida Man Friday.

·       Hey, nothing to see here. Detroit contracted poll workers from firm owned by key figure in ex-mayor’s corruption case.