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In The News for Thursday, July 1, 2021
Posted Jul 01 2021 7:29AM

·       The relationship between Atty. Gen. Bill Barr and President Trump started off well and deteriorated. Powerline has a good post on the subject that I found interesting. As it asks, is there a milk carton somewhere with John Durham’s picture on it?

·       America’s Greatest Old Generals and their sorry modern replacements. They don’t make em like they used to. Excellent article without even mentioning Patton or Pershing. A few things about Gen. Mattis you might not be aware of.

·       Get Woke, Go Broke. Nicolodeon’s ratings crash after pushing Obscene Homosexual Propaganda to Children. The tide seems to be turning on this nonsense.

·       Looking for a good fireworks show over the Fourth of July? Look no further. Trump will be putting one on.

·       Good move NFL. I’m sure this PR masterstroke will bring lost viewers back in droves. NFL Releases Powerful Video ‘Football Is Gay’. I heartily recommend Lacrosse. The Babylon Bee clears things up. The entire league isn’t gay, just the Dallas Cowboys. LOL.

·       There is some very smelly stuff going on with the Jan. 6th “Insurrection” investigation. Federal protection of “Oath Keepers” kingpin Stewart Rhodes breaks the entire Capitol “Insurrection” lie wide open. Not sure Pelosi knows what she’s getting into.

·       Trump visits wall and has some scathing comments for the Bidengaffer. Pour it on. There is no such thing as enough. Hammer them 24/7 until patriotism takes sway in our national policy. Point out every lie and hold them up to ridicule every waking moment. No respite. Set the narrative. Do not respond to theirs.

·       OK. Well, that’s kind of the point of racial preferences, isn’t it? New York Times calls for Kamala to be held to lower expectations so she can succeed. So much for the “content of a man’s character.”

·       Are these people really this stupid and do they think we are? It’s a rhetorical question. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm suggests climate change played role in Florida condo collapse.

·       Well, she is the lowest IQ of any host in the network’s history. Joy Reid suffers lowest viewership in show’s history.  

·       Econ 101. Who would have thought? States ending enhanced unemployment benefits early are seeing more job growth. Imagine that!

·       Is there anything this great plane can’t do? Believe it or not, A-10 can hold its own in a dogfight.

·       If they believe that, then they might want to give us a wide berth. Chinese Media: Angle-Saxons’ DNA makes them genocidal.  

·       DeSantis seems to be that rare Republican with an antenna capable of detecting what the left is really up to. He’s driving them nuts.

·       Liberals are crazy, part MCLXIV. It’s hard to just pick out a few examples.

·       What’s going on? It looks like they are starting to get out the long knives for Kamala Harris. Insiders say her office is dysfunctional and abusive