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In The News for Friday, January 29, 2021
Posted Jan 29 2021 7:36AM

·       Wall Street has a history of screwing successful short squeezes. The last time anyone cornered the market was in 1922 when Clarence Saunders, the founder of Piggly Wiggly, cornered the market in his stock. The governors of the stock exchange then changed the rules and gave the shorts extra time to deliver the share of cover their shorts, effectively saving them. Robinhood’s explanation of their trading halt made sense. They probably should have been more transparent in their explanation originally and they wouldn’t have been lambasted on social media to the extent they were. At least is brough some “unity” to Congress as Ted Cruz and AOC found some common ground. That was before she reverted to form and accused him of trying to have her killed.   

·       In a great turn of phrase, someone called the Gamestop trading activity a “Capital Insurrection.” LOL

·       Which party will “win” the impeachment trial.

·       Insanity Wrap #134. Unfortunately there is no dearth of material these days.

·       John Kerry: To Oil & Gas workers, let them “make solar panels.” It’s the new “learn to code.” I think someone still doesn’t get it.

·       NY apparently severely undercounted nursing home deaths by as much as 50%.

·       NFL shows it’s woke. Lefty National Youth Poet Laureate To Recite AT Super Bowl. “Laureate?” I don’t think so.

·       Naturally. Oregon weighs race-based vaccine preferences.  

·       All Hail the Reopening. Isn’t it amazing when politics and science line up so perfectly?

·       This isn’t much of a surprise. Liz has pretty much cancelled her political career. Her primary challenger has taken a double-digit lead