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In The News for Thursday, February 4, 2021
Posted Feb 04 2021 8:11AM

·        Just how bad is it? You might read this if you have a strong stomach and want to start your day in a red hot rage.

·        An interesting piece on our changing demography. You may be surprised.

·        And…some very interesting charts. Notice where climate change falls on the list of things people care about.

·        More good news on the effort by states to confront Big Tech on censorship and de-platforming. Gov. DeSantis had the perfect metaphor for a journalist. “You can whiz on my leg, but don’t tell me it’s raining.”

·        Critical Race Theory, “the hate that dares not speak its name” is being embraced by the Biden administration. Half Black Conservative is having none of it. She put out a TikTok clip disemboweling it

·        Oh Horror! After claiming Ted Cruz tried to have her killed, AOC has suffered a drive-by as two men in MAGA hats threw economics textbooks at her. She was traumatized and has called for all copies of Bacic Economics to be burned. She purportedly majored in Economics at Boston University. If so, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the spines on her textbooks were never broken.

·        And, of course, the news that Jeff Bezos is stepping down as CEO of Amazon has raised questions about what he may do next. Wonder no more.

·        Some old Tweets are coming back to haunt Biden’s feckless press secretary, Jen Psaki. She is so over her head. Her new nickname is “Circle Back Psaki” which she really doesn’t like. It might help if she showed up prepared like her predecessor. As Stephen Kruiser says, Please Call 911 If You See Jen Psaki’s Last Brain Cell.

·        Oh, you mean you didn’t hear about this on the major networks or press outlets? A mob of left-wing radicals (translation: Terrorist criminals) armed with hatchets and knives took over a Washington hotel on Sunday.  

·        A little humor. Some funny parenting Tweets.

·        Enough is enough! It’s time for National Guard members to go home. It’s been a totally ridiculous exercise in political theater.

·        Another great appointment, at least if you’re anti-Israel and pro-Hamas. Biden selects Hady Amr to be Assistant Secretary of State for Israel-Palestine. The train wreck that is the current administration is rapidly going off the tracks.

·        Spoiling the narrative. AOC wasn’t even in the Capitol Building during her “near death” experience. She may have supplanted Pelosi as one of the Republican’s biggest vote getters.

·        Thinking about traveling while you work remotely? Airstream has a new travel trailer for you, the Flying Cloud 30 FB Office model. Nice.

·        First female? Janet Yellen breaks the glass ceiling and becomes the first female Treasury Secretary to request an Ethics Waiver for Wall Street speaking fees.