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In The News for Thursday, June 2, 2022
Posted Jun 02 2022 3:38AM

·        A good piece on the Sussmann verdict. Michael Sussmann has been acquitted. Even so, “we learned from evidence introduced that the Clinton campaign was even dirtier than we knew and the FBI even more compromised.” The media is ready to call Durham’s investigation over. I’m not so sure. Let’s see where he goes next. The Danchenko trial is next, and its venue is Virginia, which should provide a much larger and more varied jury pool.

·        Sussmann juror is talking, and it’s an eye opener. As Jonathan Turley said, “I mean, he is facing a jury that has three Clinton donors, an AOC donor, and a woman whose daughter is on the same sports team with Sussmann’s daughter. With the exception of randomly selecting people out of the DNC headquarters, you could not come up with a worse jury” 

·        The stench from the Sussmann verdict.

·        He says it makes him look like a fool who isn’t really in charge. Really? ‘Furious’ Biden reminded staff ‘He’s the one who is President’ after gaffe clean-ups.

·        Apparently Black Staffers have been leaving the White House in such numbers that some are calling it ‘Blaxit’.

·        Surely, surely, they don’t really think we are that stupid. Beam me to November, Scotty.

·        Every time you think you have plumbed the depth of Deep State corruption, it turns out there are more layers of corruption still to be revealed. And the stench continues to grow. Another Dimension To The Russia Collusion Scandal.  

·        NSFW! The ‘Laptop From Hell’ is aptly named. Text messages show Hunter apparently sent a link to a Pornhub page to a phone number he had saved in his contacts as ‘Dad’ on October 22, 2018, Damn! This is one sick guy!

·        Taco Bell: Come for the Diarrhea, Stay for the Drag Show.

·        A chart so clear that even a child can understand

Gas Prices.png

·        Better enjoy a good ribeye before you have to take out a second mortgage to grill out. And about that cheap ethanol to supplement our oil imports…Oh, wait:

Grains Prices.png

·        You might find this surprising if you’ve bought into the America is racist bulls**t.


·        Sanity returns.

Sanity Returns.png

·        And finally…