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In The News for Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Posted May 01 2023 2:52PM

·        As spring is sprung, it is important to review Barbeque etiquette so there are no misunderstandings.

·        As expected, Powerline’s Week In Pictures is the Tuckered Out Edition.

·        What a perfect troll of the transgender wackos. This guy has it figured out.

·        As Joe Kernan said, “Good luck with that.” Exxon: “We will continue to try to explain to the White House how the markets work.” This administration is virtually devoid of personnel with any private sector experience.

·        Anyone planning of voting for Joe in the next presidential election needs to face the reality that they are actually voting for Kamala Harris.

·        John Hinderaker on U.S. Report on Sky News in Australia.

·        If the exodus from blue states continues, we’ll see 10-12 Congressional seats shift from blue to red states like Texas, Florida and Tennessee.

·        Super Biden, ‘defender of democracy’ --- only when he’s not undermining it.

Biden has shown himself to be a determined enemy of the rule of law and constitutional constraints on the power of the executive branch.

Just consider the acts that have been in the news the last couple of weeks: the frank defiance of the Comstock Act prohibition on sending abortion-inducing substances through the mail; the rewriting of Title IX on the fly to include gender identity and to impose new nationwide rules on schools regarding males in women's sports; and the distortion of the rules to make illegal immigrants covered under DACA — itself the product of an edict with no basis in the law about a decade ago — eligible for ObamaCare.

·        279 Lies. MSNBC repeats Hamilton 68 lies 279 times. Notes On The Twitter Files (21).  

·        A Looming Threat To Our Democracy. This is a way for the electoral votes in presidential elections of smaller states to outsourced to CA, TX, NY, FL and IL. So far states representing 195 of the necessary 270 electoral votes have signed the compact. I’ll warrant that most Americans are not aware that this is happening. It is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. It needs to be cancelled with extreme prejudice.

·        Eat Meat! I’ve never bought into the bulls**t. I can tell a difference in my mood and health when I am missing enough red meat in my diet. More and more evidence has come out indicating that it is necessary for a healthy diet. And don’t even get me started about how important bacon is. I did the math and it turns out the answer is bacon.

·        Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? The Wall Street Journal discloses heretofore unknown close connections.

·        Justice Alito has “a pretty good idea” who the leaker is.  

·        Now that Slow Joe has announced he is running again, perhaps a look back an the last three years might help voters make a decision. Could anyone else possibly have done a worse job? Well, if Kamala were to step in we might find out.

·        GW Professor Jonathan Turley has a tendency to tell it like it is.  Hunter appeared in person in an Arkansas courtroom yesterday for hearing on child support.

·        Biden’s Latest Alzheimer’s Moment Is Actually Very Sad.

 In addition to being dystopian and depressing, it’s also demoralizing. The Deep State has run things behind the scenes for many long decades, but only now do they seem to flaunt it in the People’s faces. The apparent message through the optics appears to be “look here, stupid, we’re going to tell you this demented zombie is in charge of the country, and you’re all going to take it and pretend it’s true. Now clap, seals.”

·        It doesn’t appear that things went too well for her under cross-examination. Apparently, everybody in New York raped E. Jean Carroll – then CBS Chairman Les Moonves and her dentist. In an interview with Anderson Cooper she told him that rape is “sexy” and a “fantasy.” Her credibility seems highly suspect.