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In The News for Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Posted Sep 28 2022 7:42AM

·        The pendulum seems to have begun its swing, beginning in Europe with Poland and Hungary and now Sweden and Italy. Liberals are Freaking Out Over Italy (love that picture of Orban and Meloni). As Steven Hayward points out, “Populism” means whenever the wrong person or cause wins a free election. The corollary is that every Republican candidate for president is Hitler, and now we learn that every Italian conservative is Mussolini.” My new wish is to see a summit meeting in 2024 that includes either President Trump or DeSantis and British Prime Minister Truss, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, Italian Prime Minister Meloni and Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki. Perhaps by then either Le Pen or Zemmour from France can join in. Can you even imagine the head spinning that would take place?

·        Related: Leftists Announce They No Longer Support Strong, Intelligent Women.

·         American Stasi

·        Back in 1980, Alabama Securities Commissioner Thomas Krebs had a quote in a front page Wall Street Journal story that needs to be revived. He was speaking of the FBI’s unwillingness to go after financial criminals and said, “I’d rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother in the FBI.” Is FBI using security clearances to muzzle critics? Whistleblower’s lawyer says yes.

·        Alex, I’ll take “Things I Could Care Less About” for $1000. Liz Cheney promises to leave Republican Party if Trump is the nominee in 2024. Why wait?

·        Good move Chris. Chris Wallace’s new show on CNN bombs.

·        Today’s headline from the paper of record. Batman Unable To Keep Up With Rising Crime As Gotham City Elects Another Democrat.

·        After telling U.S. soldiers to go on food stamps, Congress finds another $12 billion for Ukraine. That brings the total to around $66 billion.

·        It looks like Biden’s Nuremberg style speech might not have had the effect he hoped. A new Harvard/CAPS poll shows more Americans are concerned with left-wing socialists than MAGA hat-wearing Republicans.

·        As Vince Foster said, Destroying people is a sport in Washington, D.C. Thankfully, Matt stood tall and the truth came out about the scam and blackmail attempt. The perpetrator went to jail. Mollie Hemingway’s article is a great piece on how these things are done by unethical journalists and other miscreants. They need to be publicly whipped.

·        Don’t want to get cocky, but it appears that Democrats are in far, far more trouble than they think they are. I have predicted that November 8th will be the biggest electoral rebuke in our history for a party in power.